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The density and specific heat of the nanofluid and experimental data can be used to calculate the heat dissipation of the nanofluid.
Fujitsu's new technology enables the simultaneous achievement of high amplification and heat dissipation, in high-frequency, high power amplifiers.
However, since temperature rise is a balance between heat generation and heat dissipation, and heat dissipation is a heat transfer process which is not a function of viscoelasticity, temperature rise predicted solely from viscoelasticity may become artificial when the degree of heat dissipation is comparable to heat generation.
The result is further weight reduction, better heat dissipation, better wear and scuffing resistance and reduced cost.
Next Gen NORCO's proprietary large "ICEFIN" fanless structure, coming with the aluminium+ fine quality galvanized steel sheet chassis, makes this new "ICEFIN" fanless system to offer better heat dissipation performance, compared with the old generation "ICEFIN" thermal system.
Wireless bonded s LEDs offer superior heat dissipation and are more adverse to shock and vibration.
Where appropriate, they also can be metalized either by bonding or electroplating to improve heat dissipation, enhance fine pattern details and improve release properties.
The Amphe-SP3 features the company's RADSOK technology, which uses a hyperbolic, stamped grid configuration providing a large, coaxial, face-to-face surface area engagement to maximize heat dissipation and reduce failures.
However, the heat dissipation using a heat pipe is approaching its effective limit due to the size restrictions of a notebook-shape form.
- Due to improvement in heat dissipation and reliability, demand for LEDs with the flip chip structure is expected to grow for automotive and general lighting applications.
The Max VI has a combination of isolated bonded-in heatsinks and fan cooling that provide better heat dissipation in a smaller space and provides up to 450 amps of control power in a footprint of 14.75 by 9 by 6.5 in.