heat insulation

thermal insulation, heat insulation

A material providing high resistance to heat flow; usually made of mineral wool, cork, asbestos, foam glass, foamed plastic, diatomaceous earth, etc.; fabricated in the form of batts, blankets, blocks, boards, granular fill, and loose fill.
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It can also be used to prescribe heat insulation in homes of people whose health is at risk as a result of fuel poverty.
Part one consists of sequential chapters on various types of protective clothing and necessary parameters, including cold insulation, water immersion, heat insulation, chemical/biological/radioprotective items, ballistic protection, spacesuits, and medical protection.
Sandler's polyester nonwovens of the fibercomfort product line provide a textile alternative for efficient heat insulation.
Microparticles on the order of microns are useful for lightweight structures, heat insulation, cushioning, and selective light absorption.
The development is set to feature the latest green technologies, including solar panels and a roof garden for heat insulation.
The 4,180 m2 mosque will feature green spaces, particularly gardens on the roof for heat insulation, as well as green building technologies such as solar panels to heat water for ablution and the Imam's house, and recycle plants to treat water used in ablution for gardening and washroom purposes.
Grupo, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain with manufacturing facility in Villarana, manufactures, markets and installs expanded perlite and vermiculite for passive fire protection, soundproofing and cryogenic and heat insulation applications.
Georgia-based Morgan Thermal Ceramics, a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced heat insulation products, announced it has been awarded a contract to supply Superwool 607 HT Pyro-Bloc for a refinery being constructed by Saudi Aramco Total Refining Petrochemical Co.
ADANA, Apr 18, 2011 (TUR) -- Efforts are under way in Turkey to raise consciousness about heat insulation in buildings as the country's energy requirement is expected to increase by 160 percent by 2020.
Generally, the environmental impact in costs of heat and hot water is not sufficiently well understood as in other sectors, particularly in relation to heat insulation of buildings.
For example, using heat insulation materials made by nanotechnology has an important role in lessening heat loss from buildings," Reza Doust Mohammadian, an energy economy expert reiterated.
And what could be better than a contemporary Aston Martin DBR2 with an aerospace grade aluminium honeycomb monocoque chassis and carbon fibre body panels, NASAdeveloped heat insulation and a Chevy Corvette LS3 V8 engine?