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Windows in the Heat Run Test Lab in MTS Department on first floor of Bijlee Bhavan at Kussara, Mazgaon.
19 and show the benefit of the heat run by holding on this time.
Also, no, Miami apparently hasn't forgotten what he meant to that Heat run.
Mohawks fought back to within three points, which Jake Butler reduced to one after slicing through the Heat defence, but two turnovers saw Heat run down the clock and hold on for a 29-28 win.
But Norris Cole's 3-pointer, Miami's first in 10 tries to that point, started what became a 13-4 Heat run and made it a 76-71 game entering the fourth.
the fields and then in the heat run tractors--these landless peasants
6 assists in 17 games, but the rest of his squad, namely Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have slipped significantly and the Heat run the risk of falling behind 2-0 with the series heading to San Antonio next week.
While the pacesetters held a distinct advantage in a heat run at a funeral cortege gallop, Caravan Rolls On had to make ground from the rear and deserves plenty of credit to get as close as he did.
Six fences from home, Champion Court and Long Run appeared to have the field at full stretch in the three-mile heat run in the rain and testing conditions.
Had Pistorius matched his world record heat run of 21.
Four years in the making, the ten-part series chronicles extreme behaviour, such as cheetahs working together to bring down ostriches twice their size, and the courtship battle, known as the heat run, of the humpback whale.
Murray, meanwhile, was set up nicely on being drawn in heat two of the 1,500 metres after watching the opening heat run at a leisurely pace.