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A condition of elevated body temperature.
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the accumulation of excess heat in the body of humans or animals, with an elevation of body temperature, caused by external factors that hinder the transfer of heat to the external environment or increase heat intake from outside the body. Hyperthermia arises when there is maximum strain on the physiological mechanisms of thermoregulation (perspiration, dilation of cutaneous blood vessels, and so forth); if the causes are not removed, it progresses, ending with heat stroke at a body temperature of approximately 41°-42° C.

Hyperthermia is accompanied by an increase of metabolism and qualitative disturbances of it, loss of water and salts, and disruption of blood circulation and the delivery of oxygen to the brain, causing agitation and sometimes convulsions and fainting. High temperature during hyperthermia is tolerated less readily than it is in other feverish diseases. The development of hyperthermia is promoted by an increase in heat production (for example, during muscular work), disruption of thermoregulation mechanisms (with narcosis, drunkenness, and certain diseases), or age-related failure of these mechanisms (in very young children). Artificial hyperthermia is used in treating certain nervous and slowly progressing chronic diseases.


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Dr Rennie explained: "Once heat stroke sets in, the body stops sweating as blood flow to the skin stops.
Heat exhaustion is a less severe condition than heat stroke. In this, the skin appears pale and children usually sweat a lot.
Most commonly, any dog left in an unventilated car in temperatures above 65 degrees can suffer from heat stroke. This is most often seen in the spring and summer.
"They were borderline cases of heat stroke - both heavily dehydrated and with fever.
The early symptoms of heat stroke can be vague and sometimes mimic other conditions.
Heat stroke is the severest form of a continuum of heat disorders that include heat syncope, heat cramps, and heat exhaustion.
Heat stroke occurs when the body overheats and cannot cool down by sweating because of dehydration and a humid environment.
Heat stroke is the most severe form of heat-related illness and can be life-threatening.
According to details, 98 Emergency Heat Stroke Centers have been set up at Basic Health Units, 8 at Role Health Centers and 6 Heat Stroke Centers have been established in Tehsil Head Quarter Hospitals.
Rawalpindi -- The District Health Department has established 112 Emergency Heat Stroke Centers across Rawalpindi District to shield voters against heatstroke on the Polling day.
RAWALPINDI -- On the instructions of Deputy Commissioner (DC) Dr Umar Jahangir, all the Basic Health Units in the district have been declared as Heat Stroke Centres where all the affected patients will be treated, informed a spokesperson Irfan Tahira on Monday.
In this respect I would like to draw the attention of city government officials and the provincial authorities to people suffering from heat strokes in Karachi.