heat-resistant paint

heat-resistant paint, heat-resistant enamel

A special paint (or enamel) for use in the temperature range between about 250°F and 750°F (approx. 120°C and 400°C).
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The full aluminium exhaust has an attractive looking end can, which is coated in heat-resistant paint and bears the Husqvarna logo.
has received a patent for a heat-resistant paint containing silicone resin and/or epoxy resin as well as black pigment, wherein the black pigment contains manganese and copper; the content of manganese in the black pigment is 25-45% mass by MnO conversion; the content of copper in the black pigment is 5-25% mass by CuO conversion; and the content of silicon in the black pigment is 3% mass or less by SiO2 conversion, wherein the black pigment further contains aluminum, and the aluminum content in the black pigment is 5-10% mass by AI203 conversion.
The 'Rockets to Race Cars' website allows users to become aware of NASA contributions by selecting an icon appearing at the bottom of the screen.he website shows that NASA developed various technology like heat-resistant paint, fire-resistant materials, better brakes to aid the racing industry.
And heat-resistant paint protecting the Olympic torch cauldron outside the sailing venue was made right here in Eugene.
The soot- and smoke-stained white-brick interior was painted black with multiple coats of heat-resistant paint formulated for barbecue grills.
Deal with any rust spots on barbecues by covering them with heat-resistant paint. 3.
Or they can mark their catalytic converter - etching the part and spraying with heat-resistant paint.
Don't forget to paint the pipes feeding the radiator, again using heat-resistant paint. If they're new copper pipes, you'll need to apply metal primer first.
Now the students at Rugby College have joined forces with an Internet company to advertise the bulbs - customised using heat-resistant paint - on the 'Net.
In addition to its disaster resiliency features, the houses built there also have heat-resistant painted roofing to help lower interior temperature and increase energy efficiency.