heat-resistant paint

heat-resistant paint, heat-resistant enamel

A special paint (or enamel) for use in the temperature range between about 250°F and 750°F (approx. 120°C and 400°C).
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The brassy fire insert was masked off and sprayed silver with heat-resistant paint to make the whole look much more inviting for Santa.
has received a patent for a heat-resistant paint containing silicone resin and/or epoxy resin as well as black pigment, wherein the black pigment contains manganese and copper; the content of manganese in the black pigment is 25-45% mass by MnO conversion; the content of copper in the black pigment is 5-25% mass by CuO conversion; and the content of silicon in the black pigment is 3% mass or less by SiO2 conversion, wherein the black pigment further contains aluminum, and the aluminum content in the black pigment is 5-10% mass by AI203 conversion.
he website shows that NASA developed various technology like heat-resistant paint, fire-resistant materials, better brakes to aid the racing industry.
And heat-resistant paint protecting the Olympic torch cauldron outside the sailing venue was made right here in Eugene.
The soot- and smoke-stained white-brick interior was painted black with multiple coats of heat-resistant paint formulated for barbecue grills.
Or they can mark their catalytic converter - etching the part and spraying with heat-resistant paint.
Don't forget to paint the pipes feeding the radiator, again using heat-resistant paint.
Now the students at Rugby College have joined forces with an Internet company to advertise the bulbs - customised using heat-resistant paint - on the 'Net.
The harsh environmental conditions also drive the need for innovation, especially in the heat-resistant paints category, which also has a greater impact on the levels of energy consumption in a building.