heat-treated glass

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tempered glass

(US), toughened glass (Brit.) Glass having two to five times the strength of ordinary glass as a result of having been prestressed by heating and then suddenly quenched; the rapid cooling produces a compressively-stressed surface layer.
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Heat-treated glass ionomer cement fissure sealants: Retention after 1 year follow-up.
Features include low-copper content cast aluminum housing construction, safety yellow powder coated finish, a heat-treated glass lens, and a steel mounting bracket.
Berkowitz is an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer of insulating glass, heat-treated glass, silkscreen and spandrel glass, laminated glass, all-glass doors and entrances and point-supported glass systems and canopies, for domestic and overseas markets.
Insulating glass units specified for commercial construction applications often incorporate a high-performance coated lite to resist solar-heat gain, thermal heat transfer, and heat-treated glass for improved resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses.