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Tenders are invited for Procurement of electrical heating chamber furnace
A top-mounted heating chamber is provided to conserve floor space, while a motorized damper on the exhaust accelerates the unit's cooling.
The new tankless water heaters feature an internal heating chamber, which is injection moulded of DuPont Zytel nylon for high heat resistance, thermal stability and compliance with NSF and UL requirements.
From the outside the Santex ESC chamber looks just like a standard Santashrink heating chamber, but internally the air is handled in a completely new way.
Then, electricity subjects the PTC heating element to heat and the heating element warms the cured copper heating chamber without danger of combustion.
Like the Mflow, the Cflow uses a temperature management system which has a thermally matched heating chamber and extrusion barrel.
With a deeper, wider heating chamber, it will accommodate a mighty slice of bread up to 15cm long.
Mokon Duratherm circulating water systems feature noncorrosive construction, copper piping and heaters, stainless-steel pump, and horizontal brass heating chamber.
The sealed heating chamber design with five time zones allows for heating uniformity.
Other available options include a 300 or 600-lb heating chamber and flange, stainless steel construction and a custom range thermostat.
If solution treatment is being carried out, the oven is positioned above the quench tank and the work basket is lowered into it directly from the heating chamber.