heating system

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heating system

[′hēd·iŋ ‚sis·təm]
(civil engineering)
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forced-air heating system

A conventional heat distribution system in which heat is circulated by means of a blower (fan).
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In general, the more fossil fuel that a solar heating system can replace, the more attractive it becomes financially;
Cwm Taf Health Board was forced to publish the report into the heating system after the Western Mail successfully appealed its refusal to do so to the Information Commissioner.
Project lead Prof Paul Younger, pictured, of Newcastle University, said: "By recycling the hot water through what is essentially a huge central heating system deep underground, we can produce an almost carbon-neutral source of energy." Prof Younger said the next step was to go deeper.
"Unfortunately, the only way to completely solve the problems is to replace the central heating system in its entirety."
Under steady-state conditions, the building needs to be supplied with heat flow of constant quantity and quality, which is known as the heating capacity of the heating system and may be expressed as
Is the heating system capable of achieving a proper temperature gradient and profile, even on large and heavy multilayer PCBs?
started producing seat heating units for vehicles in 1973, based on the company's experience with mechanical cables and heating systems. The company now produces steering wheel heaters control modules, and wiring harnesses.
Up to now, halogen heating systems were ineffective with multi-colored surfaces, which heated unevenly due to varying degrees of IR reflection by the colors.
Project planners say the in-floor heating system is ideal for conversion to harness geothermal energy.
By using the loggers to document building temperatures, Mincks was able to determine optimum start/stop times for their heating systems.
Your readers should know that this type of water heater cannot work with in-floor radiant heating systems; they must only be used for the domestic water, as only cold water can be run into tankless water heaters.
They might describe the heating system as "in order" but "not compliant with current regulations", a commonly-used disclaimer.

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