heave-off hinge

loose-joint hinge, heave-off hinge, lift-off hinge, loose-joint butt

loose-joint hinge
A door hinge having two knuckles, one of which has a vertical pin (at its center) that fits in a corresponding hole in the other; by lifting the door up, off the vertical pin, the door may be removed without unscrewing the hinges.
References in classic literature ?
If I am wrong, I deserve to be punished as a vizir was once punished.
If I am wrong, I yield, and will no longer demand a fourth Dimension; but, if I am right, my Lord will listen to reason.
Then, my son, return to the world still more brilliant because of your former sorrows; and if I am wrong, still let me cherish these hopes, for I have no future to look forward to.
John Bartine," I said, "you must try to forgive me if I am wrong, but with the light that I have at present I cannot concede your right to go all to pieces when asked the time o' night.
If I am wrong, I am doing what I believe to be right.
imagine that SOMEBODY must have been interested in seeing that the rope disappeared after it had effected its purpose; and time will show if I am wrong.
Heaven forgive me if I am wrong, and send me just thoughts; but she is poor, the temptation may be great, and we daily hear of things as strange.
If I am wrong, if she has really gone on to Limmeridge, I am resolved I will not sleep to- morrow night under Count Fosco's roof.
And if he were a philosopher of the eristic and antagonistic sort, I should say to him: You have my answer, and if I am wrong, your business is to take up the argument and refute me.
If I am wrong, Julia, my dear, you will correct me.
I recall these things that I may be contradicted if I am wrong.