heavy jet

heavy aircraft

For wake turbulence categorization purposes, an aircraft certificated for a maximum takeoff weight of 255,000 lb or more. This classification is by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) classifies those aircraft as “heavy” that have a certificated maximum takeoff weight of 300,000 lb. Also called a heavy jet.
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Industry leading personnel from OMNI Air International with an extensive history of heavy jet operations, modifications, and aircraft ownership were assembled.
As it is, besides being airline pilots and flying heavy jet airliners, women have also come up as jet pilots in the Pakistan Air Force and perform their duties the same way as their male colleagues.
We stress the dangers of sudden airspeed losses in a heavy jet low to the ground.
A mitigation for an LOC accident involving commercial operation of a heavy jet transport or a 74-seat turboprop--ensuring crew rest, for example, or requiring realistic upset training--only goes so far, however.
He added that there has been great interest from foreign buyers in the new Su-35 heavy jet fighter as well as the inexpensive and lightweight Yak-130 fighter.
About 40 percent of the world's $100 billion annual deliveries of commercial jets are distributed to airlines via leasing companies, which rent them out for a monthly fee and collect cash advances towards heavy jet maintenance costs.
Air Charter International is seeing the signs of a steady global recovery in the executive jet aviation business as ten delegates from one of the world's leading high end design houses went on a two day tour of the Middle East on board a chartered luxury heavy jet executive aircraft.
At the same time, competitive pressures have caused original equipment manufacturers to fill in market niches identified in the "price-performance" continuum, which further segments the traditional light, medium, and heavy jet markets.
UPS recently announced it has launched a major "fuel conservation program" for its fleet of 265 heavy jet aircraft that is saving more than $1 million each month in fuel costs while reducing the airline's impact on the environment.
Soak the entire car with your hose to get rid of loose dirt and dust, and use a heavy jet spray under the wheel wells where road dirt accumulates.
The lower portion of the impact site is entirely obscured in the photo by a heavy jet of water being sprayed across the building's facade by a fire truck.
They custom build elaborate shipping boxes for the odd-shaped, heavy jet engines.