heavy landing

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hard landing

An airplane landing in which the rate of descent has not been adequately checked just before touchdown. The resultant landing can cause damage to the aircraft structure, especially undercarriages. An aircraft must be inspected thoroughly according to the manufacturer's recommendations after a hard landing. Also called a heavy landing.
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Balloons, which belongs Kapadokya and Atmosfer Companies of Dorak Holding, took off from GE[micro]reme Airport made heavy landing with the effect of strong wind in Karaday- region of NevE-ehir.
Usually fans would discard such see-through post-match platitudes with contempt as a flimsy crash mat to cushion a heavy landing after defeat.
Air Force flight testing demonstrated the current 65-minute mandatory steel brake cooling time after a heavy landing can be reduced to just five minutes when using our new carbon brakes.
Paramedic Martyn Scott said: "It was more of a heavy landing than a crash.
The aircraft named "Gaurishankar" broke up after a after a heavy landing and bouncing.
Second starter of the day in the Moto category, Lithuania's Benedktas Vanagas came to an early end when his co-driver Sailius Jurgelenas sustained a back injury after particiuarly heavy landing off a dune just 85 kms into the leg.
Passengers on the US Airways aircraft prayed as pilot Chesley Sullenberger told them to brace themselves for a heavy landing after the plane got into difficulties shortly after take-off.
The accident-prone Sky TV newsreader - stretchered off the rink in practice on Friday - took another heavy landing in rehearsals last night.
MORE than 250 passengers were evacuated from a Thai Airways jet after a tyre blew, sparking several small fires, during a heavy landing today at southern Australia's Melbourne airport, an official said.
They lost control of the pickup after a very heavy landing on one of today's numerous jumps and were sent into a multiple roll.
Solberg lost his chance of victory on day one when a heavy landing damaged an air intake and caused his engine to lose power.