heavy landing

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hard landing

An airplane landing in which the rate of descent has not been adequately checked just before touchdown. The resultant landing can cause damage to the aircraft structure, especially undercarriages. An aircraft must be inspected thoroughly according to the manufacturer's recommendations after a hard landing. Also called a heavy landing.
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| Elfyn Evans, who hails from Dolgellau in Gwynedd, said: "I'm absolutely gutted to be missing Rally Finland, but we suffered a pretty heavy landing in Estonia and have been advised to sit it out and focus on making a full and quick recovery.
This marks a welcome return to the skies of the world's largest aircraft and draws a line under the heavy landing it experienced last August.
Peru's Alexis Hernandez recovered from a 40-minute time penalty, road book scrolling issues and a heavy landing in a hole on Friday to clinch the runner-up spot from Dutch rider and former CEO of Booking.com, Kees Koolen.
The operator confirmed that a mooring line attached to the Airlander had touched a power line outside the airfield, but explained that no damage had been caused to the aircraft by that event and stated that the contact with the power line did not contribute to the heavy landing.
Fortunately that area is clear of any major obstructions but was still a heavy landing for Bebee who suffered breaks to his shoulder, leg and hand as well as knee ligament damage - the one consolation being that the outcome could easily have been worse in an accident of that nature,.
At the same time, an official statement said the Airlander 10 experienced a heavy landing that resulted in a damage on the front of the flight deck.
"However, it experienced a heavy landing and the front of the flight deck has sustained some damage which is currently being assessed.
In a (https://www.hybridairvehicles.com/news-and-media/news/airlander-media-statement-24th-august-2016) statement , Hybrid Air Vehicles - the British company behind the 25 million pound ($33 million) airship - said "the Airlander experienced a heavy landing and the front of the flight deck has sustained some damage which is currently being assessed.
Exiting the event the same day had been more painful for Al Kendi, who was co-driving for the UAE's Yahya Al Helei, fastest on the first leg, and had to be evacuated by helicopter to hospital with back injuries after their Nissan Pick-Up made a heavy landing.
Retired engineer Edward Bond said some passengers were traumatised by the "heavy landing" as their Thomson Airways service from Alicante approached the runway.
NEVE[currency]EHyR (CyHAN)- A Chinese female tourist was killed and other six Chinese and Malaysian were injured when two different hot air balloons made heavy landing in central Turkish Province of NevE-hir on Wednesday.