Heavy-Water Reactor

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heavy-water reactor

[′hev·ē ¦wȯd·ər rē′ak·tər]
A nuclear reactor in which heavy water serves as moderator and sometimes also as coolant.
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Heavy-Water Reactor


a thermal reactor in which heavy water (D20) serves as the moderator. Because heavy water has a small neutron capture cross section, a heavy-water reactor may contain an extremely large fraction of fuel in the process of being generated as the original fuel is burned; the ratio of the weight of newly produced fuel to that of the burned fuel may be as high as 0.9. Ordinary water, heavy water, and certain gases, for example, steam and carbon dioxide, are used as coolants in heavy-water reactors.

Table 4. Production of diesel engines in the USSR1
1 Excluding motor-vehicle and tractor engines
General-purpose diesels:    
units. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12,14054,32259,62765,235
total horsepower. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .469,9008,830,70016,158,00018,230,600

Construction and operating costs of heavy-water reactors are high because of the price of heavy water. The reactors are therefore used in industry only in countries where heavy water can be produced relatively cheaply, such as in Canada, where the electric power supplied by the country’s hydroelectric power plants costs very little.

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Removing the core of the heavy-water reactor to produce less plutonium is a crucial step before the relief from sanctions starts.
They certainly don't need a heavy-water reactor at Arak in order to have a peaceful nuclear programme."
But the spent fuel from a heavy-water reactor can be reprocessed to extract plutonium for use in a bomb.
"It is a forever agreement in a certain sense, with different stages." There are four pathways to a bomb in Iran -- a plutonium pathway through a heavy-water reactor; two pathways to a uranium bomb that involve the facilities at Natanz and Fordow; and covert activities, Moniz said.
Sabotage afoot: The chiefofsecurityfor the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Asghar Zarean says plots to sabotage the heavy-water reactor building at Arak have been foiled He didn't describe what was to be sabotaged or by whom The allegation prompted doubts as the Arak site is just a construction zone with no nuclear or reactor components located there yet He didn't explain why anyone would want to sabotage what is just an empty building.
An explosion at Iran's heavy-water reactor will delay the construction of the controversial nuclear plant at Arak in western Iran, according to Israeli website Debkafile, which has close contacts with Mossad and other intelligence services in the Jewish state.
According to Banerjee, "We will add eight to ten 700-megawatt pressurized heavy-water reactors, several fast-breeder reactors and an advanced heavy-water reactor, all of indigenous design."
Iran has been a building a heavy-water reactor near the plant for two years, but the reactor is not scheduled for completion until 2009, the Associated Press reported.
On Arak heavy-water reactor, Salehi said the P5+1 group approved an Iranian suggestion to redesign the reactor "and the issue is almost finalized.
It is also expected to ask Iran for explanations, such as the purpose of the facility, since whether the country needs a heavy-water reactor is unclear, the sources said.
The 700,000-kilowatt heavy-water reactor, the first such type of reactor to be used commercially in China for power generation, is located in the Taishan No.