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A type of schizophrenia marked by disorganized thinking, mannerisms, and regressive caricaturing that is seen in some adolescents, such as silliness, unpredictable giggling, and posturing.



a mental illness, one of the forms (adolescent) of schizophrenia.

Hebephrenia develops during the period of sexual maturation. It manifests itself in absurd behavior and disconnected, bizarre speech. The actions of persons affected with hebephrenia are marked by playfulness and theatrical mannerisms. Hallucinations are possible. One of the most typical features of hebephrenia is a combination of grotesque delicacy of manner with silly cheerfulness. The course of the disease may show periods of improvement, which are usually the result of medication. The treatment is the same as with other types of schizophrenia, including insulin therapy and psychotropic drugs.


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