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a hedge of shrubs or low trees growing along a bank, esp one bordering a field or lane



a row of shrubs or trees with thick interlocking crowns of the same height. Hedgerows are used in landscape architecture for protecting roads, for separating residential buildings from the street, and for framing avenues, squares, and boulevards. They are also used in landscaping gardens, parks, and city streets. In kolkhozes and sovkhozes hedgerows may serve as belts to separate areas and to prevent cattle from entering fields and gardens.

Hedgerows are divided into three groups according to height: the so-called borders (less than 1 m), medium hedge-rows (from 1 m to 3 m), and green walls (over 3 m). Irrespective of their height, hedgerows may either be kept in their natural state or trimmed regularly. Hedgerows may be formed from one, two, or several rows of varying heights (multilevel planting). Borders are used to frame parterres, flowerbeds, lawns, and park paths. In making borders, low shrubs with thick foliage and small leaves that grow slowly and withstand trimming well are used, including mahonia, cotoneaster, and arborvitae. For hedgerows of medium height, medium and tall shrubs, as well as the shrub forms of some trees, often hawthorn, dogwood, or honeysuckle, are used. Green walls are formed from freely growing trees and shrubs with naturally symmetrical crowns or with crowns that can be maintained in a definite shape by regular trimming. Green walls that are not trimmed are formed from trees with columnar crowns. Beech, spruce, poplar, and linden are used for green walls.

Hedgerows should be thick, compact, leafy at all heights, and geometrically regular in shape. Single-layer hedgerows make good backgrounds for flowerbeds and small garden landscapes. Multilayer hedgerows may consist of shrubs with leaves of one color or of contrasting colors, and untrimmed hedgerows are made from plants with beautiful flowers and fruit. In addition to ordinary hedgerows, trellises are also used in landscaping: rows of trees or shrubs that form a flat leafy lattice as a result of trimming, growing together, or the bending of runners in a particular direction. Trees are used for creating tall trellises, trellised avenues, and special formal designs.



Trees and shrubs in a row forming a fence which encloses or separates fields.
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As these hedgerows crisscross Britain through farms and gardens, they form wildlife corridors which are essential for a healthy ecology.
Hawthorn can be found in hedgerows throughout the country and is a vaulable habitat for insects and birds such as this Great Tit
Considering only the reduction in insecticide treatments, and a cost of $4,000 for hedgerow installation and establishment (Long and Anderson 2010), profit was realized after 16 years (Morandin et al.
Repetition is the name of the game with the quartering drills, hedgerow drill, heavy cover drills and most others we do.
But the adoption of barbed wire in the late 1800s doomed hedgerows in the Great Plains.
The ditch and the hedgerow were a remarkable natural micro environment.
Aspiring safari rangers are being urged to swap the wildebeest for weasels and big cats for bats as they stalk shrews, identify insects and brush up on bird life with a journey of exploration along an organic hedgerow.
The frame was open at the bottom to allow its free displacement along the hedgerow.
As my patience grew thin, I decided to carefully slip under my blind and crawl through the hedgerow to see what Matt was up to.
For 20 years, I have advocated what I call the "suburban hedgerow.