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My mother does indeed sometimes send for a soothsayer and question him, but I give his prophecyings no heed.
Well assured that their speech is intelligible and the most natural thing in the world, they add thesis to thesis, without a moment's heed of the universal astonishment of the human race below, who do not comprehend their plainest argument; nor do they ever relent so much as to insert a popular or explaining sentence, nor testify the least displeasure or petulance at the dulness of their amazed auditory.
Port defender Luke Foster almost turned a McLaughlin shot into his own net, Crocombe producing a stunning reflex save as the Heed pressed.
Senator Kalsum Parveen told that she has risen these issues numeral times in Senate committee but concerned did not paid any heed towards the alarming issues.
The Heed created little in front of a 4,000 strong crowd, McLaughlin's deflected strike going wide in a tight first half which saw Sam Russell save from Vose, Wes York and Sean Newton.
As a recipient of the HEED Award, University of the Rockies will be featured in the November 2015 issue of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, along with the 91 other recipients of the award.
I'll finally pay heed to BuggedOut at Limelight 1 tonight - when Shine brings a bit of Manchester folklore to Belfast for the first time.
Speaking in the Assembly, the Speaker while responding to the complaint lodged by Mehmood Khan Achakzai, warned CDA of committing contempt of Parliament by not paying heed to the complaints.
It was an open start and that continued with a golden chance for the Heed a few minutes later when Matty Pattison went clear but Jon Worsnop saved his weak shot.
The story describes two childhood friends, Christine and Heed the Night, whose world is torn apart when Christine's grandfather, Bill Cosey, marries Heed when she is only eleven years old.
but in this case, the Azerbaijani guard failed to heed the order," he said.
The next time you come across a warning, caution or note, read 'em, and heed 'em 'cause you certainly need 'em.