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An old and experienced trapper, when mounting guard upon the camp in dark nights and times of peril, gives heedful attention to all the sounds and signs of the horses.
Verily, these realities should be warnings for those who are heedful.
The meeting Thursday at the Academy of Turkmenistan shows that the country is heedful of the fact that lots of planning and hard work would be required to benefit from the breakneck pace of scientific and social transformations surrounding us.
269 million rupees and various other development schemes in Rawalpindi division corroborate the fact that Punjab government is heedful to raise the living standard of its people by initiating various development schemes which after completion will bring ease for common people, he shared.
Allow me to use this occasion to call upon Pakistani authorities that Pakistan being a Muslim state has to be more heedful as the Holy Book of Islam and hundreds of sayings of our Prophet (PBUH) on the rights of prisoners and welfare of their families, their right to mutual meetings and a fair trial are well established facts that need to be pursued in letter and spirit,' he writes.
Living with illness requires rigorous management including taking medicines, obligations with regards to diet, physical activity and heedful monitoring to control glucose/insulin level in the body.
The poietic unconcealment of the world produced by meditative thought is (at least partially) the result of a sustained and heedful attention.
But be heedful overdoing this trend by wearing stacks on both wrists will not look elegant- just pick one and jingle away.
Ibrahim (AS) did his best to make his people heedful to the belief in the oneness of Allah and to the worship of Him alone.
A timeframe will be defined for the dismantling and rehabilitation and the building of a new technology park while being heedful of the need to preserve environment in the region.
Collective mind in organizations: heedful interrelating on flight decks.
There are a very few keys, like Cayo Agua out of Key West, that can be reached out reasonably comfortably in a day with plenty of time to fish, and even fewer such as Tarpon Belly Key, a mile or two out from a ramp, that do have camping spots that can be used as jumping off spots for exploring the backcountry keys on a multi-day trip--but again you must still be very heedful of the tides.