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Organizational values reside in group mind and guide heedful, coordinated action by affecting preferences for action and providing capacity for judgment (Weick 2001).
and having now led for many years the bold life of the fishery in the ships of owners uncommonly heedful of what manner of men they shipped; Curious to tell, Poor Alabama boy
Roberts (1993), "Collective Mind in Organizations: Heedful Interrelating on Decks," Administrative Science Quarterly, 38, pp.
We believe that everyone is a bit more careful during the current economic challenges, and this applies not only to companies but also individuals who are more heedful about their spending and investments.
Blood says he has been surprised by the company's heedful approach to pushing the brand in the UK, however.
55) Heedful of this criticism, the Sentencing Commission in April 2006 voted unanimously to delete the new language.
Hemingway's heedful decision conveys complex ethics that go beyond the simple application of an ethical rule.
As much as one can draw material support from these relationships, one must always be heedful of the need to respect (ve'ahihi) the people of these lineages.
In particular, features such as diversity of opinion (McDaniel and Walls 1997), whether people are collectively mindful of their work (Weick and Sutcliffe 2001), and heedful of the impact of their actions on others (Weick and Roberts 1993) need to be considered.
Hopefully, this framework is heedful of a plea "for the flexible use of dictionaries, such as the OED or the MED, in addition to, and complementation of, special corpora, whether these are self-compiled or not" (Markus 2007: 2).
Collective Mind in Organizations: Heedful Interrelating on Flight Decks, Administrative Science Quarterly, 38, 3, 1993, pp.