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An old and experienced trapper, when mounting guard upon the camp in dark nights and times of peril, gives heedful attention to all the sounds and signs of the horses.
He should be awake when people are asleep; he should be heedful when people are heedless; he should be fasting when people are eating; he should be crying when people are laughing, and he should be submissive when people are playful." This is another issue regarding which we must hold ourselves to account.
While the provincial Government of Sindh and the federal authorities continue to bicker in the Senate and the lower legislative house for Sindh's unfair treatment, the Sindh government needs to stay heedful of the warning for Sindh's coastal belt being gulped down by the seawater by 2030, an issue that directly falls under the realms of the provincial government's affairs.
Today the people of Hong Kong have come out in the millions to make their government heedful of their sentiments.
Grant us in our spouses and our offspring the comfort of our eyes and make us a model for the heedful'.
Whether, and when, we may come to a turning point in our unpoetic dwelling is something we may expect to happen only if we remain heedful of the poetic.
The meeting further decided to kick off a heedful campaign at college and university levels against use of Ice drug and spread information among students regarding its destructive effects so that to save the young generation from this curse.
Heedful. Chary of the forces his rival still commanded.
Collective Mind in Organizations: Heedful Interrelating on Flight Decks.
"The next parliament has to be heedful of the principle of 'good citizenship' and enact strict legislation to hold responsible citizens who fail to fulfil their national duties."
Our study ascertained that girls are heedful of this bitter truth and thus are not willing to spoil their top-notched efforts for a minute likelihood of winning barely the consolation.
That is better for you, that ye may be heedful. And if you find no one there in, still enter not until permission has been given.