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Jupiter," cried he, without heeding me in the least, "do you hear me?
The traveller had been closely examining the wounds during these movements, and now, without heeding the ill-humor of the hunter’s manner, he exclaimed:
Without heeding the remonstrances of his two children, who still kept murmuring that their little snow-sister did not love the warmth, good Mr.
Listen, Montalais," said he, without heeding whether that familiarity pleased his mistress or not; "let us not dispute about it.
But Valentin, without heeding him, went on in the same weak, dying drawl.
A little gurgling sound ascended to the young man's window, and made him feel as if the fountain were an immortal spirit that sung its song unceasingly and without heeding the vicissitudes around it, while one century imbodied it in marble and another scattered the perishable garniture on the soil.
she exclaimed, without heeding my question; and she hurried upstairs and out of sight.