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Whole plant is useable. Thin alternate leaves, yellow 5 petal flower. Kidneys, arthritis, sore throat, rheumatism, lymph, tuberculosis, eyewash.
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sulcata 40, Thymus kosteleckyanus 10, Galium album 5, Filipendula vulgaris 5, Koeleria macrantha 5, Helianthemum canum subsp.
Helianthemum, more commonly known the Rock Rose, is a ground-cover perennial, which flowers throughout the summer at a height of 10-15cm.
Helianthemum `Praecox' produces small yellow flowers above a 6 in evergreen carpet of grey-green leaves, flowering between June and August.
Low-growing shrubs such as erica arborea, skimmia japonica, helianthemum and choisya ternata are also good for wildlife.
These include arctotis, helianthemum, Shasta daisies, and bright yellow coreopsis.
The literal translation of the botanical name helianthemum is Sun Flower, the same as helianthus, but of course these plants are very different.
aubrieta, sweet alyssum, periwinkle, erigeron (fleabane), helianthemum (the trailing rock rose) and many others.
Usually sold as Helianthemum nummularium,many are actually hybrids between two or more species or forms, so they vary somewhat in habit.
Helianthemum Miller is the most diverse genus in the family Cistaceae with about 100 heliophytic species and subspecies of shrubs, subshrubs and annual herbs living from sea level up to circa 3000 meters in a diversity of substrates (limestone, dolomite, marl, gypsum, saline and sand-soils).
Among the many suitable plants for propagation in this way are gooseberries, lots of herbaceous - delphinium, gypsophila, chrysanthemum - pelargoniums, vines, fuchsia, lavatera, helianthemum, ceanothus, philadelphus and forsythia.