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The multiplicity of details presented with no interpretation whatsoever renders it unintentionally humorous, going from the fanaticism of the Turkish soldiers to the heavenly reward "a base di vergini" (Ferrara and Genta 33), and from the necessary unhappiness of the converted to the animalization/dehumanization of the enemy: "si accanirono come helve" (Ferrara and Genta 61).
Two hours travelling on the morning of the 6th brought us to a small cairn, in which we found a pickaxe with the helve broken and an empty tea or coffee cannister.
The grizzled ridge road men agree The younger ones are soft these days: They cannot hew a helve or yoke-- They even sin the softer ways.
(6.) Taskinen M-R, Sane T, Helve E, Karonen S-L, Nikkila EA, Yki-Jarvinen H: Bedtime insulin for suppression of overnight free fatty acid, blood glucose, and glucose production in NIDDM.
In a separate monthly newsletter, Prudential Douglas Elliman's Leonard Steinberg, a managing director, and Helve Senequier, an executive vice president, alluded to the "homeless wealthy," as a result of increased competition and lack of inventory in the luxury market.
[The voices of the silent people: a book of gender violence.] Helve Kase, ed.
(2001) Youth, Citizenship and Empowerment In Helve, H.
I see the blood wash'd entirely away from the axe, Both blade and helve are clean, They spirt no more the blood of European nobles, they clasp no more the necks of queens.
After heat-treating, any additional shaping will helve to be done with small grinding wheels.
How many times helve we been waiting in a hospital emergency rooms, either to he seen for some condition of our own or the condition of a loved one, and seen emergency room staff instantly respond to patients who are in need of immediate care.