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Hem believes that in the visible world there are void places-- vacua, and something more--holes, as it were, through which animate and inanimate objects may fall into the invisible world and be seen and heard no more.
Hem's theory, in so far as it professes to be an adequate explanation of "mysterious disappearances," is open to many obvious objections; to fewer as he states it himself in the "spacious volubility" of his book.
At that moment, he felt some one pluck at the hem of his surtout; he turned round, and not without ill-humor, and found considerable difficulty in smiling; but he was obliged to do so, nevertheless.
Two maids were turning up the hem and hurriedly biting off the ends of thread.
"The men that breed from them they traffic up and down, but cling to their cities' hem as a child to the mother's gown."
But what interested me most was the slender figure of a dainty girl, clad only in a thin bit of muslin which scarce covered her knees--a bit of muslin torn and ragged about the lower hem. It was Lys, and she was alive and so far as I could see, unharmed.
Tele2 AB (STO:TEL2A), a European telecommunications operator, reported on Friday that the Swedish Companies Registration Office (the SCRO) on 2 November 2018 granted authorisation to implement the merger plan for the merger between Tele2 and Com Hem Holding AB.
If that isn't an option, replicate the hem length of a similar garment in your closet.
Swedish cable operator Com Hem Holding AB (STO:COMH) announced on Thursday the approval of the redemption by its subsidiary Com Hem Sweden AB (the issuer) of its SEK 1,750m senior unsecured notes due 2021 and its SEK2,250m senior unsecured notes due 2022 (collectively the senior notes).
Create a narrow hem by hand or use a specialty rolled-hem presser foot or narrow-rolled hem setting on a serger for a quick and accurate finish.
Finnish telecomms infrastructure company Nokia Siemens Networks said on Wednesday (24 October) that Com Hem is the first Swedish telecomms operator to deploy a IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) platform for commercial use.