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Four deaths (in 51 patients who required surgery) were due to multiple organ failure, sepsis, or hematemesis.
Patients included in the study were those patient's aged 18-75 years of either gender having AIMS65 score>3 with UGIB, defined by the presence of hematemesis, melena or hematochezia, and/or a positive N/G tube aspiration for coffee ground, black or bloody contents.
Early rebleeding is defined as hypotension or 2gm/dl drop in hemoglobin from base line requiring blood transfusion or history of hematemesis or malena within 48 hours of gastric varix obliteration whereas late re-bleeding was defined as recurrence of bleeding after 48 hours up to 30 days.
Ni la presentacion clinica (hematemesis o melena), estado mental alterado, comorbidos, alteracion del estado hemodinamico o coagulopatia mostraron riesgo para presentar UPL.
(3) While some patients present with typical symptoms of anemia or gastrointestinal bleeding, such as fatigue, pallor, hematemesis, and melena, others have a much subtler clinical picture or may be asymptomatic altogether.
She denied a history of hematemesis, melena, or significant weight loss.
A few cases of amyloidosis-induced gastrointestinal hemorrhage have been reported (3-7), but amyloidosis-induced hematemesis as an initial symptom in multiple myeloma has been rarely reported.
Pese a ser lo mas frecuente no son la unica variedad gastrointestinal de presentacion, se ha observado en reportes de casos presentacion como hemorragia de intestino medio con necesidad de diagnostico mediante capsula endoscopica (4) e incluso con presentacion como hematemesis masiva (5).
A 16-year-old nonsmoker teenager was admitted to the outpatient clinic complaining of a 14-month history of postprandial vomiting that progressed into hematemesis the last week.
We present an unusual case of a splenic artery PSA presenting with massive hematemesis approximately two years after penetrating trauma of the upper abdomen.
Author Year Age Sex Symptoms 1 Sohara 2000 54 M Melena 2 46 M Hematemesis 3 Kume 2000 56 M Dysphagia, tarry stool 4 Cho 2003 50 M Dysphagia, hematemesis 5 Tsubouchi 2005 63 M None 6 Yan 2007 53 M Melena 7 Choi 2008 66 M Melena 8 Xie 2008 50 M Dysphagia, odynophagia 9 Hsu 2009 54 M Hematemesis, tarry stool 10 Kahn 2010 55 M Dysphagia 11 Boonnuch 2011 59 M Dysphagia 12 Fukatsu 2012 63 M None 13 Our case 71 M None Gross type of Type of Serum AFP No.
Abdominal pain, hematemesis, melena, and hepatitis are among the clinical findings of hemobilia.