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A localized mass of blood in tissue; usually it clots and becomes encapsulated by connective tissue.



a localized accumulation of liquid blood in tissues.

A hematoma is formed during hemorrhages if the blood does not infiltrate the tissues (such as the subcutaneous tissue, muscles, periosteum, brain, liver, and spleen) but rather separates them, forming a cavity. The primary cause of hematomas is trauma, or rupture of pathologically altered blood vessels. Small hematomas are resorbed without a trace, but an inflammatory reaction develops, with the formation of a thick capsule, around large ones. Hematomas result in swelling, ecchymosis, pain, and dysfunction of the affected organ. Treatment involves application of a pressure bandage, and treatment with cold the first day and then heat. Surgery is indicated if a liver or spleen hematoma ruptures or if the hematoma suppurates.

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Page kidney is defined as the external compression of the kidney, typically by a subcapsular hematoma, that leads to hypertension due to hypoperfusion and ischemia.
CT scan with contrast of the abdomen and pelvis revealed a Grade 3 left rectus muscle hematoma contiguous into the pelvis, displacing the bladder superiorly and posteriorly to the right.
Two National U-17 female soccer players presented to the Provincial and National Soccer Training Centre--Ontario with strains of thigh muscles and associated hematomas following participation in training camp.
Without neurological deficits, management is conservative and expectant with most hematomas clearing by two weeks.
Retroperitoneal hematomas after delivery generally develops secondary to enlarged vaginal hematoma or uterine artery injury and uterine rupture.
The patient's previous medical history revealed that it was not the first attack, as she had been treated before for rupture of the aneurysm at division of the basilar artery (BA) followed by SAH and intracerebral hematoma in the region of the right thalamus, when embolization of the ruptured aneurysm had been performed.
Spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma (SEH) is described as a spontaneous collection of blood in the spinal epidural space and often causes devastating sequelae unless it is diagnosed in time and effectively managed.
On the day after admission, laryngoscopy revealed a marked hematoma with an immobile right vocal fold (figure, B).