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On the other hand, almost all of the carbohydrates that exist in nature are glycosidic compounds as a result of dehydrative condensation of hemiacetal and aglycones.
M22, which shows the same fragments as the other 3 metabolites, is probably generated by hemiacetal formation followed by glucuronidation.
which has been attributed to formation of crosslinks by hemiacetals that may be formed by low levels of oxidants.
Formation of hemiacetals between neighbouring hexuronic acid residues during the periodate oxidation of alginate.
And the study we cited from the New England Journal of Medicine raised a red flag about the formaldehyde-containing hemiacetals formed when some e-cig flavoring substances are vaped.
53) suggested that the saponin was actually a mixture of the 25R and 25S epimeric hemiacetals.
Three new sesquiterpene hemiacetals from Achillea vermicularis.
If desired, one can specifically look for potential reaction products, which, in the case of methanol (for example, in the fuel injector cleaner discussed in the prior section) would include dimethyl ether, formaldehyde, acetals and hemiacetals in addition to some hydrogen and carbon monoxide.
Acetals and Hemiacetals and Their Derivatives: European Union Market Outlook 2010 and Forecast till 2015