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Bilateral or unilateral blindness in one-half of the field of vision.
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loss of half of the field of vision; half blindness.

Hemianopsia is described as either multilateral, which is characterized by loss of either the outer or the inner halves of the field of vision, or unilateral (homonymous), in which the same halves of the field of vision (whether right or left) are lost. Hemianopsia occurs with cerebal hemorrhage, cranial injuries, or brain tumors. If the brain tissue is not entirely destroyed, hemianopsia is reversible. The lost field of vision is usually blind to all types of visual sensations, although sometimes perception of the shape of an object, for example, is lost, while perception of color, light, and movement in the same field of vision is preserved. Treatment involves elimination of the primary cause of the hemianopsia.

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Alexia without agraphia of vascular etiology with visual field abnormalities (hemianopsia), visual agnosia and anomia for colors, objects and numbers with preserved writing is most commonly a consequence of a stroke in the area of internal and lower part of occipital lobe.
Ophthalmologic deficit: NA: no available data; O: no deficit; H: hemianopsia; Q: quadranopsia; St: stereoscopic vision deficit; Exo: exotropia; Eso: esotropia; R Hyper: right hypertropia; L Hyper: left hypertropia; M-l: eye motility deficit in the left eye; M-2: eye motility deficit in the right eye; M-3: presence of gaze-evoked nystagmus.
Bitemporal hemianopsia and superior temporal visual field defect are found most frequently.
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Hemiparesis (n=10), diplopia (n=2), hemianopsia (n=2), and dysarthria (n=2) were the main presenting symptoms.
CSD is believed to be the cause of auras, which occur at a progression rate of a few minutes, similar to that of CSD, and include symptoms such as scotomas, hemianopsia, visual patterns, flashing lights, paresthesias, and hallucinations [24].
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Teniendo en cuenta el estudio preclinico, la paciente fue sometida a lobectomia occipital izquierda, con la consecuente hemianopsia homonima derecha secuelar.
Considerando os tipos de cefaleia primaria, a enxaqueca ou migranea caracteriza-se por manifestacao algica de moderada/ forte intensidade, frequentemente interferindo nas atividades cotidianas, acompanhada por sintomas gastrointestinais (nauseas e vomitos), fotofobia, fonofobia e, ocasionalmente, por manifestacoes neurologicas transitorias --como hemianopsia, paresia e ataxia--que caracterizam a aura (Puccini & Bresolin, 2003).
An intrinsic ocular disease or a disturb deriving from the neuromuscular involvement of the eye has been observed in 71 patients (10.07%), 25 males and 46 females: 28 cases of conjunctivitis, 7 cases of photophobia, 13 cases of visual impairment, 11 of bulbar pain, 4 of diplopia, 1 case of hemianopsia, 1 of orbital muscle tremor, 3 cases of lacrimation and burning and 3 of orbital oedema.