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The reopening of the hemicycle comes at just the right time in terms of the European elections: indeed, Parliament envisages transforming this arena into a sort of giant television studio.
The record of sedimentary rocks grains turns out to be hemicycle with lighter and coarser upwards.
After becoming the first artist to perform in the hemicycle where the European Parliament holds its plenary sessions, the Parliament donated 2.
L'Unesco ne semble guere avoir resiste a cette depossession puisqu'elle a decline l'offre qui lui etait faite par le chef de l'Etat et le gouvernement francais de debattre sur le rapatriement des negociations sur la culture vers son hemicycle.
A grave in the Hemicycle (with a Corinth-type buckle): Ivison 1996, pp.
Smart people with briefcases dash about while others prefer to relax in the Hemicycle members' coffee bar.
Delaroche is the key to much of this, as it was his semi-circular mural in the prize room of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Paris--known as the Hemicycle and finished in 1841--that was the subject of one of the most celebrated engravings of the nineteenth century, done in three parts by Louis Henriquel-Dupont and exhibited (engravings had exhibition as well as commercial value) in 1853.
At one end of this garden, an elegant Neoclassical hemicycle with a life-size bronze statue of Mariette (wearing a fez; he was dubbed pasha in 1879) honors the Egyptologist's memory.
The cathedral of Quito, capital city of Ecuador, stands at the head of an incline articulated by a circular stair, in which a lower, convex hemicycle gives access to a concave hemicycle above.
The Women's Memorial is at the Grand Entrance and Hemicycle, the gateway to Arlington National Cemetery.
The amphitheatre or hemicycle formation for a parliament embodied a single will, with no sanction for factions (which arose despite the design) or opposition parties.
The inaugural meeting was held in the still unfinished hemicycle for the European Parliament in Brussels.