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1. one half of a sphere
a. half of the terrestrial globe, divided into northern and southern hemispheres by the equator or into eastern and western hemispheres by some meridians, usually 0° and 180°
b. a map or projection of one of the hemispheres
3. either of the two halves of the celestial sphere that lie north or south of the celestial equator
4. Anatomy short for cerebral hemisphere
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Hemisphere literally means a half sphere. In geography, hemisphere refers to the division of Earth into northern, southern, eastern, and western hemispheres. In astrology, hemisphere usually refers to the division of a horoscope into upper and lower halves (using the ascendant-descendant axis as the dividing line) or into left and right halves (using the midheaven-imum coeli axis as the dividing line). The upper and lower hemispheres of a chart are technically termed the diurnal (day, because it is above the horizon) arc and the nocturnal (night, because it is below the horizon) arc, respectively. The left and right hemispheres are termed the oriental (eastern) arc and the occidental (western) arc. These technical terms are rarely used by contemporary astrologers.

In the interpretation of a natal chart, the occurence of many planets above the horizon is said to indicate extroversion; many planets below the horizon indicates introversion. Also, a chart with a preponderance of planets in the left hemisphere is said to indicate an individual who shapes her or his environment, and a preponderance in the right hemisphere indicates an individual who adapts to the environment. These interpretations are tentative, “first impression” delineations and can be quickly abandoned if other factors in a birth chart give contrary indications.


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A half of the earth divided into north and south sections by the equator, or into an east section containing Europe, Asia, and Africa, and a west section containing the Americas.
One of the two pieces of a sphere divided by a great circle.
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In fact, hemispheric buttons have spread widely from the Iberian Peninsula with some important centres (Portugal, Catalonia, etc.), including the Balearic Islands and South-East France below a line to the lower region of Switzerland, with extensions to Central Italy and Sardinia (Guilaine, 2015: 215).
Table 1 demonstrates no significant difference in the distribution of baseline demographics (i.e., age, gender, ischemic stroke subtype, and blood pressure on admission) or clinical data (i.e., prior transient ischemic attack (TIA), health status, and comorbidity prior to stroke) among individuals with LHS and RHS, except for the initial Glasgow Coma Score (GCS) and diabetes mellitus (DM), in which a left-sided hemispheric lesion showed a significantly lower GCS and greater number of DM cases than the right-sided one (p < 0.05, Fisher's exact test).
In the present study, we hypothesized that sport participation reduces hemispheric lateralization.
In their patients right hemispheric stroke had worse clinical outcomes than left hemispheric stroke15.
The genetic epistemology puts forward the idea that inheritance leads to handedness and consequently brain hemispheric specialization (Annett, 1998; Smythe & Annett 2006).
While the indigenous-colonial relationship is a fruitful line for hemispheric analysis, such generalized binaries may unduly deemphasize important interindigenous relationships and identities that evolved and progressed independent of colonial antagonisms.
If there is a modification of the pattern of hemispheric specialization and/or if there is a specific decline of the right hemisphere in the elderly, we should observe an effect of aging on the abovementioned pattern of hemispheric specialization for selective attention previously found in young adults.
The technique can now also be used to compare CC thickness with hemispheric brain volume in both normal children and those with cerebral atrophy, such as seen with hypoxic ischaemic injury and HIV encephalopathy.
The material is organized into ten chapters that introduce international politics in the context of US-Latin American relations, political theory in light of US-Latin American relations, levels of analysis in international systems, the expansion of American power, hemispheric rule through WWII, the Cold War, interdependence and globalization, and 21st-century hemispheric rule.
Endogenous digoxin has been related to hemispheric dominance [2].
They wanted to determine whether there was an obvious association between which side the head participants preferred when making a call, that is, auditory hemispheric dominance or language hemispheric dominance.
Cuba has decided not to attend an upcoming hemispheric summit following talks with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, averting a diplomatic showdown with U.S.

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