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Fibrin deposits within the hepatic sinusoids can lead to progressive obstruction of the hepatic blood flow, liver hemorrhage, subcapsular hematoma, and hepatic rupture with hemoperitoneum. MDCT scans usually show a low attenuation wedge-shaped area in the periphery of the liver that correlates with the region of liver necrosis.
Spontaneous hemoperitoneum caused by a diverticulum of the sigmoid colon.
They had 3 (2.2%) major complications, with one hemoperitoneum requiring transfusion and two severe transaminitis requiring prolonged hospitalization.
A case was reported in a female of 30 years of age having severe abdomen and hemoperitoneum due to pregnancy in spleen.
There are few reports of ruptured corpus luteum in pregnancy with hemoperitoneum requiring emergency treatment.
Abdominal injuries without hemoperitoneum: a potential limitation of focused abdominal sonography for trauma (FAST).
During the immediate postoperative period in the PACU, the patient became hemodynamically unstable and the computerized tomography scan (CT scan) confirmed hemoperitoneum, which led to reintervention with a midline laparotomy.
Metastasis to the lower genital tract presents as purple to blue-black papules or nodules, abdominal tenderness if liver or gastrointestinal metastases have occurred, abdominal guarding and rebound tenderness if hemoperitoneum has occurred due to bleeding from abdominal metastasis.
Surgery should be performed in cases in which there is hemodynamic compromise, diagnostic uncertainty or suspicion of torsion, no relief of symptoms within 48 hours, and an increase in hemoperitoneum, and a decrease in HB level is detected (21).
(5) Minimize blood loss and maximally evacuate blood and clots with suction because hemoperitoneum can induce nausea and pain.
If the injury extends to the surface of the liver or if the hepatic capsule is disrupted, there may be an associated hemoperitoneum. Periportal low attenuation, from dilated lymphatics, is a nonspecifc fnding that can occasionally be seen from injury (bleeding along portal triads) or more likely from elevated IVC pressure producing lymphatic distension.
A bedside abdominal ultrasound was done by the gynecology team, which revealed a large collection of fluid interpreted as hemoperitoneum and a viable pregnancy of around 14 to 15 weeks with vague boundaries.