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poultry house

A place for housing fowl; once considered essential on most rural houses, farms, or estates before refrigerators because this provided a source of fresh eggs and freshly killed meat; also See dovecote.
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Between discussions, the Henhouse Prowlers performed a variety of music, including original pieces.
But it wasn't until after a small first henhouse washed away during Hurricane Katrina that the couple decided to get serious about raising hens in a spacious new structure near the bottom of their back steps.
In English, we might say don't trust the cat to watch the cream or don't send the fox to guard the henhouse.
Once you invite the fox into the henhouse, he won't leave until all the chickens are dead.
Our two boys loved watching the animals, especially when it came to roosting time for the chickens and they all made their way back into the henhouse.
If this seems a bit of a non sequitur, consider that for many farm families, a two-shot 12-gauge has long been the traditional "working gun"; therefore, a short, handy one with 18 1/2" barrels, with a flashlight to find that fox in the henhouse, may make sense to some of your rural customers.
Young children will delight in finding the details on each page which takes them from in the farmyard to in the fields, to at the henhouse, milking time, the vegetable garden, and the farm at night.
Henhouse Farms of Bement is planning at being at the Richland market and one in downtown Decatur.
However, I am not getting chickens, because a) I don't want to build a henhouse and b) I am afraid that with all the gardening and beer making and such that goes on around here, getting chickens would be crossing the line from hobby gardener to full-fledged farmer.
This is nothing but a case of the fox guarding the henhouse.
Frankly, it's like putting the fox in charge of the keys to the henhouse.