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poultry house

A place for housing fowl; once considered essential on most rural houses, farms, or estates before refrigerators because this provided a source of fresh eggs and freshly killed meat; also See dovecote.
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Henhouse is a hilarious five reel, 25 pay line slots game from Realtime Gaming.
COUNTRYSIDE: Thanks to all who responded to my dilemma of having Copperheads in the henhouse.
I tried to tell him that Malcolm the Byreman's sale had gone very well and that Young Neil and I had picked up a second henhouse (going cheep
In Foxes in the Henhouse, strategists Jarding and Saunders seek the answer to the rural question.
But it does suggest that before we give the job of promoting organizational accountability to the least accountable organization of all, we might remember the line about the fox and the henhouse.
The rows have grown so heated that an unknown group, believed to have been locals, broke into the henhouse and attacked the rooster.
now environmental scientists are warning about the henhouse effect.
But, explains Bill Mott of the Marine Fish Conservation Network (an alliance of 100 sportsmen's and environmental groups whose intensive lobbying to improve the Act prodded Congress), the domination of these councils by representatives of the fishing industry "is like letting the fox guard the henhouse.
Noting that VDTs emit a sawtooth-shaped wave of a much higher frequency than the square-shaped waves used in the henhouse project, one of the study's researchers says, "I'd be reluctant to draw any conclusions about VDTs on the basis of our research.
Hens are grouped Wilds, and scattered Egg symbols trigger the Henhouse Pick Feature where players select chickens to reveal eggs hiding free games, multipliers and extra Wild symbols.
This lets the fox guard the henhouse and empowers drug stores to charge higher prices.
When the hens have worked the soil in the third section, we plan to move the henhouse and all the fencing to another area of the property, back beyond the garden, where our little "chicken tractors" can start clearing for our orchard.