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poultry house

A place for housing fowl; once considered essential on most rural houses, farms, or estates before refrigerators because this provided a source of fresh eggs and freshly killed meat; also See dovecote.
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We divided the construction into the following parts: 1 front henhouse wall with entrance for birds, 1 rear henhouse wall with doors, 2 side henhouse walls, 6 run wall sections, 1 run wall with screen door, 2 nest boxes, 4 popup windows, 2 henhouse rear doors, 1 drop-down rear door, 3 roof gables, 10 roof trusses, and 36 roof purlins.
Every morning the henhouse doors open and they head off for a day of foraging, returning before night falls to their cosy roosts.
By showing locally grown food at its farm source and relating it to food kids eat--wheat in the field to make tortillas, eggs from the henhouse for omelettes--this book can lessen the disconnect between farm and food, helping children develop a deeper understanding of where their food comes from.
Launched in collaboration with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), this project involves the establishment of a plantation of trees and tomato, carrot and onion crops and the construction of a henhouse and a rabbit breeding area.
Appointee to the Monetary Board (or even listens to him regarding his pending legal issues in the field of banking), it would be very much like appointing the proverbial fox to guard the proverbial henhouse. That can't be good.
Our friends have two goats that will kid in March and May, a henhouse with eight hens and a rooster.
The event also included art exhibitions, and live entertainment featuring the Chicago-based bluegrass band The Henhouse Prowlers.
It's not always fulsome praise for wildlife, however: Lister-Kaye describes the year-round struggle of guarding his family's henhouse against foxes and the craftier, weasellike pine martens.
They told the New York Post: "We bought it with the intention of ripping it down and building a 10,000 to 15,000-square-foot mansion there.'' The luxurious pad is surrounded by paddocks, 10 barns, a chicken hutch with a henhouse and 550 grapevines.
"We won't need to color them this year,'' she said, looking at the eggs, which were a pretty mix of blonde, tan, brown and light blue -- and fresh from the henhouse on the side of her home in Queens.
He said:"President Karzai has appointed a fox to guard the henhouse. The only solution is for him to be removed and replaced with a new commissioner who will actually protect human rights."
Debra, an artist, created elaborate mosaic windows on the small henhouse in their Union-area yard that make the structure as fancy as it is functional.