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name for a reddish or black hair dye obtained from the powdered leaves and young shoots of the mignonette tree, or henna shrub (Lawsonia inermis), an Old World shrub of the loosestrifeloosestrife,
common name for the Lythraceae, a widely distributed family of plants most abundant as woody shrubs in the American tropics but including also herbaceous species (chiefly of temperate zones) and some trees.
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 family. Henna dye has long been in use, as evidenced by Egyptian mummies; the dye is also to decorate the skin with designs.



a reddish yellow dye obtained from the leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis). Henna is used for dying wool and silk fabrics reddish brown; the dye is light-fast, and is also used for dying hair and coloring nails.


Lawsonia inermis. An Old World plant having small opposite leaves and axillary panicles of white flowers; a reddish-brown dye extracted from the leaves is used in hair dyes. Also known as Egyptian henna.


1. a lythraceous shrub or tree, Lawsonia inermis, of Asia and N Africa, with white or reddish fragrant flowers
2. a reddish-brown or brown colour
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Hermione Lawson, of the British Skin Foundation, said: "Black henna and normal henna are commonly confused, but they are not similar at all.
Many shopkeepers have set up stalls in the main markets like Deans Trade Centre, Cantonment and Meena Bazaar markets where buyers especially girls are being seen busy purchasing henna and bangles in large number.
For high-resolution images of the limited edition Henna dolls, go to: https://www.
95] of Pyridalyl mixed with Henna in different ages of Spodoptera exigua larvae
The official said black henna can cause severe damage to skin and is banned in the UAE.
After the ban was introduced, local businesses were only allowed to import and sell natural henna in the market while dealers of henna were also asked to put warning stickers on each packet informing people about the black henna that it should only be used as a hair dye.
However, despite the ban by both Abu Dhabi Municipality and Dubai Municipality, women say black henna is still being used at private parties and desert safaris.
Everyone loves a little bit of henna, so we see long queues of women who are willing to wait till their turn comes around.
The pregnant actress, 46, arrived back in the US showing off her new henna tattoo and gold wedding ring.
In Upper Egypt, the henna day starts in the morning, when the bride's mother prepares a big pot of henna and another lady paints beautiful flowers in henna on the bride's hands and feet.
Toxin alert HENNA does not naturally dye skin black, but black henna has had substances added to it to make it turn black.
But we have never heard of anyone coming into work with henna tattoos on their hands.