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name for a reddish or black hair dye obtained from the powdered leaves and young shoots of the mignonette tree, or henna shrub (Lawsonia inermis), an Old World shrub of the loosestrifeloosestrife,
common name for the Lythraceae, a widely distributed family of plants most abundant as woody shrubs in the American tropics but including also herbaceous species (chiefly of temperate zones) and some trees.
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 family. Henna dye has long been in use, as evidenced by Egyptian mummies; the dye is also to decorate the skin with designs.



a reddish yellow dye obtained from the leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis). Henna is used for dying wool and silk fabrics reddish brown; the dye is light-fast, and is also used for dying hair and coloring nails.


Lawsonia inermis. An Old World plant having small opposite leaves and axillary panicles of white flowers; a reddish-brown dye extracted from the leaves is used in hair dyes. Also known as Egyptian henna.


1. a lythraceous shrub or tree, Lawsonia inermis, of Asia and N Africa, with white or reddish fragrant flowers
2. a reddish-brown or brown colour
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1] in imported products (group 2) with the highest Cd level found in henna products from Yemen and Lybia (H-9 and H-10).
She said: "Whenever I am asked; how did you learn to apply henna, my answer is always: 'it's a gift from God'.
Utilizing Henna powder along with its effect on killing property causes low levels of poison use.
The official said black henna can cause severe damage to skin and is banned in the UAE.
This is the first question Samar asks brides who call her, wanting to book her for their henna day.
Referring to a product named Saniya Hair Henna, the specialist added: "The labelling did include an ingredients list however in my opinion, the labelling is likely to mislead consumers into thinking that the dyeing action of the product is due to the henna ingredient alone.
Even though clients are informed of the ban and the health risks associated with black henna, Ruby said demand is still strong.
On the day of her wedding one year ago, Liqa'a Mohammed put henna on her skin.
Neither black henna nor pre-mixed henna are approved for cosmetic use by the FDA and should be avoided even if they are for sale in a reputable store.
It has a thin needle which pours henna and moves in accordance with the design to replicate it on the hand or arm.
The Duchess of Cambridge got a henna tattoo from a local artist named Shajida Begum, 18, (http://people.
ANI): Up to 2,500 women applied henna designs on their hands within 11 minutes in Surat city on Saturday and made a bid to enter Guinness Book of World Record.