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The parenchyma was further divided into multiple hepatic lobules surrounding the capsule; however, the hepatic lobules were not obvious, the hepatic portal area was highly prevalent.
PAS and Haematoxylin stained sections examined in Group B showed marked depletion of glycogen content of hepatocytes in all three zones of hepatic lobule, whereas those of Group C revealed moderate depletion of glycogen in zone I and II compared to control Group A respectively (Figures-6 and 7).
Group B mice showed statistically significant dera-nged pattern of hepatic lobule with swollen hepato-cytes and loss of radial arrangement of cords (p-value less than 0.
The percentage distribution for the intensity of staining of hepatic glycogen in hepatic lobules in C1 was 45% slight, 42% moderate and 13% intense, while in E1 was 63% slight, 35% moderate and 2% intense (see Table III).
Connectivetissue cords between hepatic lobules to the end of experiment disappeared not totally that evidenced partial restoration of hepatic structure of animals.
CAPE treatment significantly reduced the neutrophilc infiltration and intrahepatic hemorrhagic and preserved architecture of the hepatic lobules in treated rats in the current study.
A biopsy revealed pan-acinar necrosis and collapse of hepatic lobules.
Light microscope observations showed that it is not possible to find hexagonal subdivisions of hepatic parenchyma or hepatic lobules.
Internally, the liver has more than 100,000 hepatic lobules, each of which is a small six-sided structure composed of cells (hepatocytes) packed in slabs.
4] + atorvastatin (5 mg/kg) treated livers there was pronounced fatty changes in the centers of the hepatic lobules and lymphocellular infiltrations in the periportal fields.
Non-treated mice liver showed normal structure represented by hepatic lobules with semi circular central vein in the center hepatic cells arranged in strands blood sinusoids in between the hepatic cells and portal canals at the periphery of hepatic lobules.