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rock dash

An exterior stucco finish containing crushed rock, large pebbles, or shells that are imbedded in a stucco base; also called pebble dash or slap dash.
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Since the custom models were developed based on activities performed in a structured manner in a laboratory setting, we further broke down the activities based on the locations, i.e., HERL, NVWG, and home, to see whether there was a setting effect (Table 6).
Nearly 5,000 employees and their spouses have used the health center, and almost every staff member would recommend it to others, Herl says.
Just in front of the chenille, tie in two clumps of four to five ostrich herl each, one clump on top of the other, and a touch of flash.
Whether Strauss and Brown really disagree is perhaps an even more interesting question than the extent to which Herl and Brown disagree.
Substantial treatment of aspects of this document also is found in Herl, 8-16.
In Worship Wars in Early Lutheranism, Joseph Herl investigates many long-held assumptions regarding the music of the Lutheran Reformation from its origins through the Enlightenment.
Herl said that the polyethylene's durability, strength, and ease of installation add to ODOT's willingness to accept the pipe.
10, in the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, in an article titled, "Competition Will Change Communications Industry," Pat Herl Longstaff, communications attorney with the law firm of Doherty, Rumble & Butler, said the current political tug-of-war, "could end up something like this: telephone companies sell access to first-run movies; cable companies offer 'telephone' services; broadcasters offer interactive digital communications that look a lot like telephone services; and newspapers are delivered via radio waves or over a line (phone or cable)."
Peter Bercz and his colleagues at EPA's Health Effects Research Lab (HERL) in Cincinnati described similar small "abnormalities" in the lipid metabolism of mice drinking highly chlorinated water (15 parts per million) and eating diets with a fat content comparable to that in most Americans' diets.
Rory Cooper, PhD, director of the University of Pittsburgh's Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL), led the way with his plenary session on assistive robotics.
plastic Bismo tube flies with long black wings of Arctic fox, peacock herl with some rainbow flash.
Fishing fly Ken Spark from Haltwhistle caught 12 rainbows and took a Peacock Herl Nymph.