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KEMET's M550 and M551 Modular Series are designed for mission critical high capacitance and voltage applications and are manufactured by placing T550 or T551 Polymer Hermetic Seal capacitors in parallel.
The weld also creates a perfectly hermetic seal, an important feature when the package must endure destructive conditions.
IMIW is also said to cut out the need for further parts or materials, as the manufacturing process needs no seals or fixings in order to achieve a hermetic seal.
These disciplines could range from the series of different gas leak detection methods to vacuum valuation methods for hermetic seal validation.
Its thick sealant layer forms a hermetic seal, maintaining a sanitary and aesthetic appearance clear of residue.
Moreover, its thick sealant layer forms a hermetic seal through food that may be on the container lip; thus, when the lid is peeled off, no residue will be left, says Toray.
Part of the KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge family, the unit features a true hermetic seal that ensures no moisture ingress or build-up, both of which can significantly hinder indicator movement.
The hermetic seal prevents fogging of the display glass by condensation.
The hermetic seal provides enhanced reliability for the semiconductor device and offers protection from environmental conditions, meeting military standard requirements.
LPS zippers feature a unique hermetic seal that provides extra product protection.
By making the right alloy choice and production modification, Hermetic Seal Corp, El Monte, CA, has doubled its hourly production of stainless steel headers for air bag actuators.
Hermetic seal performance for vacuum or pressure applications is typically defined by a leak-rate specification.