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This method is also easier for placing herringbone patterns.
Large and brown, often with a herringbone pattern atop back.
Available with a choice of traditional brick or herringbone pattern, it has vintage iron and glass doors or traditional glass doors.
Even in Spain, "Manchego-style" cheeses made from ewe's milk and formed with the familiar herringbone pattern on the sides abound.
Often of a herringbone pattern, these wonderfully designed structures became the structural signature of the Guastavinos, father and son.
When you apply the paste to the paper, work in a herringbone pattern with the brush, from the centreline of the paper to the edges and only use a thin layer.
A walk around the ramparts takes an hour, with great views the whole way, while inside the fortifications the ancient streets are laid out on a herringbone pattern.
Old Victorian flat-faced bricks are ideal, especially for a traditiona herringbone pattern.
Along the cliff face on the island of Eleuthera, in the Bahamas, Hearty has found a distinctive herringbone pattern in the limestone.
Fila's Grant Hill models (designed for the ace basketball player) and Nike's Zoom Air Pros (inspired by Michael Jordan) rely on a flatter surface with a traditional herringbone pattern of thinly-spaced grooves--the hallmark of basketball and tennis shoes.
Of the three basic brick-laying patterns, the herringbone pattern is by far the most intricate and difficult to install, but it locks together and resists movement better than the others.