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1. A framework of metal bars or rods placed over a tomb or coffin of a noble or very important person.
2. A canopy, usually of openwork or trellis, set over a bier, or more rarely over a permanent tomb; used especially to support candles, lighted at times of ceremony.
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Coyly alluded to in the show's press release (a screenshot of Google Maps directions) as the "starting point" for one of Herse's journeys is the Glendale Galleria, a hulking masterpiece of a mall that we know from LA lore, or from Herse's ongoing video series "Galleria," 2012-, or from just living here as a prime example of bastardized Nu-Urbanism.
herse (Passoa 1983), cuya distribucion geografica incluye Costa Rica, Honduras y Mexico (Rindge 1966; Passoa 1983).
A review of the literature identified that dietitians are using the Internet routinely in their work (Kirk, Cade & Greenhalgh 2002; Case 2005), general practitioners (GPs) are highly connected to the Internet (Masters 2008), social workers use the Internet to provide support when regular services are not available (Banach, Frances & Berna 2005), physiotherapists predominately use the Internet for educational purposes (Drennan & McColl-Kennedy 2003; Perreault 2008) and practising optometrists interact with colleagues using Internet discussion groups or bulletin boards (Herse & Sayer 2009).
When online learning experiences are properly structured, they can significantly enhance a student's ability to learn and retain information related to complex topics found in the health sciences (Gallagher et al., 2005; Herse & Lee, 2005; McFarlin, 2008; McFarlin & Jackson, 2008).
Qualitative studies took several perspectives into account, such as the perspective of persons with visual impairments (Herse & Yapp, 1999 [study 14]; N.
And although Hermes swore off love when it came to humans he tells of his enchantment with the Athenian maiden Herse. This is the most touching part of the memoir as Hermes reveals the depths of his love as well as his capacity for despair.
Only moments before I had collected my key from the concierge at the Hotel de la Herse d'Or, situated on the bustling Rue Saint-Antoine, mere steps from the Place de la Bastille.
To the left of the fountain, Mercury is struck by love as he catches sight of Herse returning from the temple with her friends (fig.
in Blecua, 480, fn.) Another classical source with which the poem relates is Book II of Ovid's Metamorphoses, where the Latin poet allegorically describes the "Cave of Envy" (9) Minerva visits the cave to command Envy to punish her devotee, Aglauros, who had been moved by greed to help Mercury seduce her sister Herse, another of Minerva's virginal followers.