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However, Oswald does not really explore this heterodoxy, especially the anticipation of Romantic self-reflective literature ("Romantic irony"), stressing instead the dictates of the epigrammatic genre (379-400).
Salvation through Dissent: Tonghak Heterodoxy and Early Modern Korea.
While they have all distinguished themselves as clear thinkers and honest reporters in their respective fields, what they share in common is a fierce attachment to heterodoxy, which is the closest thing that Tablet has to an editorial policy or a political line.
His topics include the psychophysical energy of the Way in Daoist thought, the promise and peril of Toegye's neo-Confucian heterodoxy, the empathetic plurisingularity of the great ultimate in Nongmun's thought, and a neo-Confucian trinity in conversation with Deleuze and Keller.
Taborites were the only heterodoxy to successfully, if only temporarily, establish its own state within Christendom before the Lutheran reform.
The Caliph Ali himself held dialogue with them but they continued with their heterodoxy till the Abbasid period (750-1258).
There are four sections: "Latin and Vernacular--Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy," "Print and Public: The Impact of Printing on the Dissemination of Orthodoxy," "Socio-Cultural Contexts of Production, Acquisition, and Reading of Vernacular Religious Books," and "Religious and Sacred Texts in the Vernacular: Methodological Aspects of a Social History of Reading.
More specifically, the six research articles gathered here form three discrete thematic units: the first deals with politics as performance and with performance as politics; the second with education and youth literature as instruments of national imagining; and the last one with the relationship of legal texts to religious heterodoxy.
The brawl started after the Ansar al-Sunna sect started setting up their tent and later gave speeches describing the celebration as heterodoxy.
Some university-based teacher educators have sought to characterize the heterodoxy as part of a larger neoliberal effort to turn education over to market-based forces with the ultimate aim of privatizing what has heretofore been a publicly-regulated institution committed to democratic ideals and to fostering the common good (Zeichner, 2010).
If only she would drop the Catholic link and just become some way-out adventurer in the wilds of heterodoxy.
The project is driven by Romero's interest in establishing parallels between the tradition of iconoclasm and Spanish political heterodoxy in general, on the one hand, and radical avant-garde art practices, from Malevich to the Situationists, on the other.