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Alternation of generations in a complete life cycle, especially the alternation of a dioecious generation with one or more parthenogenetic generations.



(1) Change in the means of reproduction in organisms during two or more generations; a particular case of alternation of generations.

(2) The sudden appearance of individuals differing sharply in a number of traits from the parent forms. This phenomenon served as the basis for the appearance of the heterogenetic theory of the origin of species by means of the sudden appearance of individuals differing sharply from the parent forms. (This theory was proposed by the German histologist R. A. von Kölliker in 1864 and the Russian botanist S. G. Korzhinskii in 1899.)

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While the orthogenetic capital is the highest expression of the national culture, the heterogenetic capital is a place of exception, a source of novelty, a threat to the local culture.
The dualities I have emphasized here of central place and network system, and of orthogenetic and heterogenetic culture, should be seen as opposing poles, or ideal types.
Before ones eyes Toronto, which had long reigned as the orthogenetic central city of Ontario, is putting the finishing touches on its new role as heterogenetic gateway city of a network system that is by no means confined to one country.