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An abnormal habitat.
Displacement of an organ or other body part from its natural position.
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a change in position and site of development of an organ in the course of individual ontogeny in animals; one of the methods of evolutionary rearrangement of an organism.

Heterotopia is the result either of the migration of cells from one germ layer to another, of the displacement of cells within a given germ layer, or of the secondary displacement of organs. Examples of heterotopia include the displacement of the heart to the thoracic cavity in birds and mammals (near the head in fish and amphibians) and the translocation of the forelegs to the rear in higher vertebrates (in comparison to the thoracic fins offish). The term “heterotopia” was introduced by the German naturalist E. Haeckel in 1874 to designate disturbances of the phylogenetically determined spatial sequence of the stages of ontogeny. It was subsequently shown that heterotopia does not fit into Haeckel’s interpretation of cenogenesis.


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Lewis's wardrobe, which allows all of the children who enter it, all unknowing, into Narnia, the portal into a heterotopia is only open to those who know how to enter, either because they belong to the group that is protected by the heterotopian place or space, (5) or because they have gained the necessary information to recognize the portal and to pass through it.
(3) Gastric heterotopia is indistinguishable from normal oxyntic gland mucosa of the stomach and traditionally has been considered congenital and benign in nature.
It is the case that Foucault offers what are in fact somewhat conflicting definitions of "heterotopia".
We aim to discuss our case with a rare presentation of nasopharyngeal glial heterotopia to attract attention to the diagnostic workup in children with respiratory obstruction due to a congenital mass in the head and neck.
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Periventricular heterotopia: Phenotypic heterogeneity and correlation with filamin A mutations.
The latter focus on the processual and critical notion of a heterotopia offers an emancipatory mechanism to explore any emergent tensions over time and space between what is planned and what is enacted.
Subependymal nodular heterotopia is a cortical development malformation that is commonly associated with refractory epilepsy.
It is significant, however, to mention that although the garden in this story provides the means to some positive transformations, including Zarrinkolah giving birth to a flower, it does not function as a permanent, utopian place, but rather serves as a "heterotopia." The state of nature in which the characters are placed acts as a mirror reflecting their society, a valuable impact of their self-discovery and a new experience of change and development.
During this period of evaluation, he was diagnosed with an interesting underlying condition of grey matter heterotopia (GMH), which had previously been misdiagnosed as tuberous sclerosis (TS).