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Abbreviations: BI, basitrichous isorhizas; DS, desmosomes: HeA, heterotrichous anisorhizas; HI, holotrichous isorhizas; HME, heterotrichous microbasic euryteles; HoA, holotrichous anisorhizas; MA, microbasic amastigophores; MM, microbasic mastigophores; ST, stenoteles.
crocea ST, DS, HeA, HME, BI * Nematocyst types are abbreviated as follows: MM, microbasic mastigophores; MA, microbasic amastigophores: ST, stenoteles; DS, desmonemes; HeA, heterotrichous anisorhizas: HME, heterotrichous micro-basic euryteles; BI, basitrichous isorhizas.
Fully differentiated nematocytes of planulae contain either a large clear capsule (stenoteles), a large dark capsule (desmonemes) or a bullet-shaped capsule (microbasic heterotrichous b-mastigophores with inclusions); no fully differentiated nematocytes housing the small dark capsules (microbasic heterotrichous b-mastigophores) are found in the planula.
The bulk of these cells are differentiating stenoteles, desmonemes, and microbasic [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE I OMITTED] heterotrichous b-mastigophores; only a few developing microbasic heterotrichous b-mastigophores with inclusions are found.
As the crown stage transforms into the immature polyp, the ectoderm of the forming filiform tentacles becomes filled with three types of nematoblasts and nematocytes: stenoteles, desmonemes, and microbasic heterotrichous b-mastigophores with inclusions.
Along the body column mature nematocytes with small dark capsules (microbasic heterotrichous b-mastigophores) are visible.
Of the latter only three types (desmonemes, stenoteles, and microbasic heterotrichous b-mastigophores with inclusions) complete differentiation in the planula; only a few nematocytes with bullet-shaped capsules (microbasic heterotrichous b-mastigophores with inclusions) were ever found in the planula.