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1. a star-shaped figure formed by extending the sides of a regular hexagon to meet at six points
2. a group of six broken or unbroken lines which may be combined into 64 different patterns, as used in the I Ching
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Fourteenth-century invocation circle, featuring an encircled magical hexagram. Courtesy Fortean Picture Library.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The hexagram comprises two triangles, one reversed and superimposed on the other, and is found in many areas of magic. As a decoration (possibly for magical purposes), it has been found as early as the Bronze Age. The two triangles represent male and female energies, and they are also the symbols for fire and water. Additionally, they represent the ideas of "above" and "below" (see Hermetica).

The hexagram is part of the Seal of Solomon, a magical symbol of great power employed in Ceremonial Magic and used to banish spirits. Also known as the Star of David (in Hebrew, Magen David, or "David's Shield"), the symbol was actually not identified with the Jewish faith until the seventeenth century. However, strictly as a magic symbol, it was found on Jewish amulets as early as the twelfth century.


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In general, I sense, he tried to be consistent, logical, and practical; he'd list the possibilities in an order which was easily remembered, and then assign hexagrams in such a way that the earlier items--whatever they were--received the heavier weighting.
The set of eight trigrams unfolds eight types of the primordial operational forces of The Iching, while the set of sixty four hexagrams manifests the pulse and dynamical trajectory of Four Dragons of The Iching world (Potential Dragon, Field Dragon, Flying Dragon, Regretting Dragon).
As indicated in ge hexagram in I Ching, when the views of two interactants bar mutual understanding from each other, it means that the two interactants are in an incompatible situation, like the mixture of water and fire.
I Ching Hexagram as Generative Metaphor and the Three Analytical Stances
This can be used to determine the letters immediately preceding and following the trigram in question; sometimes even a valid hexagram can be uniquely identified.
Jewish communities had long been a staple in Morocco, and the hexagram had long been a benign symbol throughout Arab North Africa (as well as India).
What do I need a hexagram for if there's no question on my mind in the first place?
Breath strongly relates to a sculpture from 2012 entitled K'an, the Water Hexagram, also from the Good Children series.
Lavish celebration of the day is seen in Israel with solders carrying Israeli flags often forming shapes that represent Judaism, including a seven-branched candelabrum (Menorah) and a regular hexagram (Star of David) while the speaker of the Israeli parliament holds speech in a dramatic televised presentation.
Number symbolism and decoration are repeated on the entrance fagade of the school: the main doors are three and they are located under three tall ornate round arches whose soffits are crowned by the hexagram Star of David, this below seven (divine) proportionately smaller round-arch windows (22).
In 1984, Aclara, formerly Hexagram, began using bobbin-type LiSOC12 batteries to power meter transmitter units (MTUs) for automated meter reading systems used by water and gas utilities.