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1. a star-shaped figure formed by extending the sides of a regular hexagon to meet at six points
2. a group of six broken or unbroken lines which may be combined into 64 different patterns, as used in the I Ching
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Fourteenth-century invocation circle, featuring an encircled magical hexagram. Courtesy Fortean Picture Library.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The hexagram comprises two triangles, one reversed and superimposed on the other, and is found in many areas of magic. As a decoration (possibly for magical purposes), it has been found as early as the Bronze Age. The two triangles represent male and female energies, and they are also the symbols for fire and water. Additionally, they represent the ideas of "above" and "below" (see Hermetica).

The hexagram is part of the Seal of Solomon, a magical symbol of great power employed in Ceremonial Magic and used to banish spirits. Also known as the Star of David (in Hebrew, Magen David, or "David's Shield"), the symbol was actually not identified with the Jewish faith until the seventeenth century. However, strictly as a magic symbol, it was found on Jewish amulets as early as the twelfth century.


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It indicates the relationship between internal environment and external environment of the hexagram; the former is formed by the first three lines as the inner trigram, and the latter by the top three lines that form the outer trigram.
Manicheans could adapt the idea of the hexagram's movement, which responds to their doctrine, that is the movement begins from the lower line to top.
According to the translation of the hexagram gian, the dragon in different contexts of various time and layered space teaches us how to understand and cope with our fates.
This can be extended to the potential hexagrams (C or L)ATJA(C, N, R or Z), and a few guesses lead to the Webster Second words cATJang, the pigeon pea, and blATJang, a condiment resembling chutney.
The Star of David, or Megan David - the hexagram of blue colour - present in the flag is said to represent a Jewish prayer shawl, known as a
This leads him to also argue for a sociological reading of hexagram's and other textual components.
Combined, these parkhas give a complete hexagram for that day that can be used to consult the I-Ching.
Persian expat Sara Rahbar's "In Love with Memories, with Glimpses of Who We Once Were," at first glance a beautiful tapestry quilt, reveals itself to be a disturbing hexagram floret of masked AK-47-bearing men and dancing women.
These vocational types are also close to each other in the Holland hexagram (Holland, 1996).
--I get it, Sam--in lieu of hexagram wisdom, in lieu of divination via