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A power-off mode that preserves the last state of the computer. Turning the computer on after hibernating eliminates booting the operating system and reloading all the applications and data.

When hibernate is activated, the contents of memory (RAM) are written to storage (hard disk, SSD) and the computer is turned off. When turned back on again, the previous memory state is read from storage, and all applications appear exactly as they did the moment hibernate was triggered.

Hibernate Vs. Sleep Mode
Hibernate is power off, whereas sleep mode is power on with the screen and hard disks turned off. In sleep mode, the RAM chips are constantly refreshed in order to retain their content, and the CPU is placed into a low-power state. Although restoring from hibernate is faster than a cold start, coming out of sleep is immediate. Turning the computer back on from either mode eliminates having to reload all applications and data.

Hybrid Modes
Some laptop computers invoke both modes automatically. When put into sleep mode by the user, the computer may automatically go into hibernate mode when the battery reaches a low level. An alternative hybrid mode activates hibernate when the computer enters sleep mode, but the computer is not turned off. If the battery runs out while in sleep mode, the contents of memory have already been saved. See memory.
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Fat-tailed dwarf lemurs hibernate in a state known as torpor, where the regulation of body temperature stops and the metabolism slows down.
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Faced with a shortage of food in the winter, bears hibernate as a way to conserve energy.
HAMSTERS don't hibernate but they often huddle up and look cold if they are not feeling well.
Today, Kaunas Fortress is a well-known place where bats (Chiroptera) concentrate to hibernate during autumn, winter, and early spring.
Animal care lecturer Terry Green said: "When they hibernate, if they keep waking up then going back to sleep again it uses up a lot of energy.
The much larger population of big brown bats - those that commonly hibernate in the attics of homes and in other buildings - are not yet known to be affected, according to French.
Cosminexus enables efficient support for Java application development such as Struts, JavaServer Faces, Spring and Hibernate, among others.
A new unique Hibernate mode offers two levels of power reduction--a simple stand-by mode allowing up to 68% lower quiescent power, and an active power management mode for up to 98% lower quiescent power (below 6mA for the XC3S1000L and below 8mA for the XC3S1500L) than comparable Spartan-3 devices.
They will now have a specially- constructed new chimney and cellar in which to hibernate.
A few silver-haired bats hibernate in caves in Indiana, but otherwise silver-haired bats are found in Indiana only during spring and fall migrations (March through early June; and late September through November).
Some species of bats hibernate at the approach of cold weather; other species migrate to warm areas instead.