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Graining in pink diamond * Yellow HPHT-treated rough diamond * Color-zoned emerald * Orange faceted eosphorite * Large faceted hibonite * Dyed and natural green jadeite * Coated kornerupine beads * Assembled cultured blister pearl * Large abalone pearls * Irradiated green-blue CVD synthetic diamonds * Polished topaz imitating diamond rough.
There is upside risk to our reserves forecast from New World's Danica Jutland prospects and from Wintershall's Hibonite discovery.
Wintershall, the largest internationally active German crude oil and natural gas producer, announces the successful drilling of the own-operated Hibonite exploration well (5504/1-3).
The commercial viability of the Hibonite discovery as well as further upside potential will now be evaluated.
Wintershall is currently not producing oil or gas in the Danish North Sea: The Hibonite discovery is an exciting and important step towards becoming a producer in the Danish North Sea , states Martin Bachmann, Member of the Wintershall Board of Executive Directors, responsible for Exploration and Production.
Behier, in collaboration with analytical laboratories in Madagascar, France and Washington, discovered approximately 70 mineral species new to Madagascar, as well as the new mineral species hibonite.
PHOTO : Cathodoluminescence (CL) micrograph of a buildup showing a large crystal of corundum (dk red to black), bladed crystals of hibonite or [Ca.
2] rich sample buildup showing hibonite (green) corundum (red), anorthite (It blue) crystals enclosed in glassy (It brown) material.
Since Wintershall is currently not producing oil or gas in the Danish North Sea, Hibonite could be an important step towards production.
Other minerals in the residues are: spinel, chromite, hibonite, rutlie, a Na-Cr silicate, diamond, silicon carbide and [Beta]-[Si.