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hickey, hicky

hickey, 2
1. A threaded fitting for mounting a lighting fixture in an outlet box, or on a stud or pipe.
2. A tool for bending conduit or pipe.
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Towards the end of 1780 there was hostility between Hicky's newspaper and a competitor.
Dave Green of the Manchester Museum, England, for checking the manuscript; Jack Hicky, miner at Silvermines, for information about the Magcobar pyrite crystals; John Ashton, geologist at Tara Mines Ltd., Ireland, for information about the great rug; and Mrs.
"The Smiths Racing BMW team has had another strong season and I'm delighted to be teaming up with Hicky again.
25.07 crores were remitted to Australia to Hicky Lawyers Trust for purchase of immovable property (Sanctuary Cove Properties).
BANBRIDGE TOWN JUNIORS: Tiernan McArdle, Dawson Patterson, Ryan Morgan, Michael Woods, Jamie Gibson, Josh Davidson, Ben McCandless, Dean Curran, Josh Magill, Alex Convery, Rio Blackburn, Ryan Hicky, Jake Mc-Creanor, Harry Murry, Scott Thornton.
Thomas McEnvoy (Salisbury) v Liam Craven; James Byrne (Gemini) v Callum Bennett; Sam Turner (Croxteth) v Maqeet Rahman; Aaron Vaughan (Tower Hill) v James Precious; Harry Kinsella (Kirkdale) v Jake Fawthrop; Daniel Barr (Sefton) v Qotabi Al Qotabi and Jack O'Shea (Salisbury) fights Hicky Smith in the junior cadet championships.
Ann Harding: "Call me old fashioned but what about the landlord/lady saying 'You have had enough, go home'?" Alan Hicky Hardy: "People will just end up drinking at home if they can't gan out and get drunk."
was unveiled by ExtraCare's nance director Chris Skelton and Humber Court resident, Barbara Hicky.
xxx HICKMAN Bill Fond memories of a dear brother in law Hicky.
He was really the difference between the two teams on Friday with his four overs for 14 at the start - and he got 'Hicky' out, so there's room for all sorts."
McGrath said: 'Hicky is a quality batsman but Pietersen seems to be a bit more of a confident character than Hicky is.
Donald's always banging that hard head of his on something; Look at that boy!; There is not a day in the week he doesn't get another hicky on that hard head of his.