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hickey, hicky

hickey, 2
1. A threaded fitting for mounting a lighting fixture in an outlet box, or on a stud or pipe.
2. A tool for bending conduit or pipe.
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In successive issues Hicky writes about the theatre as an image reflecting his battle with authorities and his rivalry with the upstart India Gazette, one of the founders of that organ being the theatre manager:
Dave Green of the Manchester Museum, England, for checking the manuscript; Jack Hicky, miner at Silvermines, for information about the Magcobar pyrite crystals; John Ashton, geologist at Tara Mines Ltd.
With Hicky, it is very much in his court and we will have that discussion when he is ready to have it.
Clive Tandy, aged 59, grew up in Hill Top and wrote his children's story, called Hicky Gets His Wings, 30 years ago.
To be named in the Professional Cricketers' Association's team of the year at such a venerable age illustrates the esteem with which Hicky is still held by his fellow pros.
The free-scoring striker invited his old LCFA friends down to Wales to take on the Swans Youth side, whom the Liverpool team defeated when Anthony Hicky grabbed the only goal of the game.
Ian Botham, his team-mate at Worcestershire for five years, said: "When Hicky looks back over his years in cricket, he will be entitled to feel puzzled by the general assessment that his career has been a failure.
We all know how hard Hicky hits the ball but you stop those kind of shots all the time in games and in practice.
Our mates in Supergrass flogged themselves to death playing in little hicky towns.
Peters is sponsored by Vimac Leisure, DFDS Seaways and Steve Hicky Plastering as well as her family.
Worcestershire coach Steve Rhodes said: "It's deserved reward for Hicky and Kabby and a reflection of the consistent season they've had.