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I was a bit worried that he would try to be too funny and perhaps cross that hidden line when a joke goes too far and offends a grandmother or something.
Boris removed one hidden line on weather map (6) 7.
Some of the enchancements include virtually unlimited undo/rollback capability; multiple viewport display capability; toolpath tool traversal visualization; hidden line toolpath display; pre-select hightlighting; expanded display color management; advanced 3D, high-speed machining for SolidSuufacer; support for 3D Material Only; and support for more advanced tool shapes, such as tapered
Closed captioned programs that are recorded off air onto videotape will contain the hidden Line 21 captioning, which can then be made visible using a decoder (F.
ACIS extensions include 3D ACIS PHL V5 for fast, accurate 2D hidden line drawings of 3D models; 3D ACIS Defeaturing for advanced feature recognition to automatically identify and remove model features based on user-specified criteria; and 3D ACIS Deformable Modeling for interactive sculpting tools for creating and manipulating free-form curves and surfaces.
Users can navigate through building information models (BIM) using different graphical renderings, such as Hidden Line, Shaded Open-GL and Global Illumination.
Also, they are inadequate for such applications as mass property calculations, hidden line removal, generation of shaded images, interference and clearance analysis, and the generation of multi-axis NC machining instructions.
Single graphics environment - Increases productivity by enabling users to manipulate the rendering state of individual views between wire frame, hidden line and shaded to accommodate specific tasks.
TurboCAD for the Macintosh includes a conversion tool which automatically allows you to create precise 2D wireframe and hidden line drawings from imported 3D components or assembly drawings, including AutoCAD(R) DXF and DWG files.
Precise Hidden Line V5 for generating hidden, visible, and occluded line information for drawing views.
ViewCaster also features precise hidden line (PHL) removal, which enables illustrators to bypass traditional wireframe cleanup and proceed directly to rendering, annotating, and composing their illustrations.