hiding power

hiding power, covering power

The ability of a paint film to obscure completely any pattern, marks, or color on the surface to which it is applied.
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approximately 3 555 m 2 2-layer wall painting on plaster background, approximately 40 m 2 2-layer wall painting on plastered foam glass background, approximately 51 m 2 2-layer whiteboard painting on plaster background, approximately 90 m 2 2-layer ceiling painting on plaster background approximately 80 m 2 2-layer ceiling painting on plastered etics - wet abrasion class 2, hiding power class 2, - incl.
In recent years, a series of innovative yellow, orange and red metallic and mineral effect pigments with improved hiding power have been introduced to the market.
Within architectural coatings applications, Ti-Pure system solutions expand the limits of hiding power with fast and easy paint coverage.
Among specific topics are the hiding power of aluminum metal pigments developed in the ball mill grinding process, steel slag as a substitute for natural aggregate in the production of concrete, characterizing properties of cellulosic fibers for their use in composites, measuring outdoor and indoor particulate matter concentrations in the village of Jasov, and activated zeolite and magnesite as potential reactive materials for the passive treatment of acidic groundwater.
Precisely controlled deposition of multiple layers of titanium dioxide, iron oxide and tin oxide onto mica substrate, renders an effect pigment, with both hiding power and high color intensity.
The multicolour possibility of Jotamastic 90 also proves significant improvement of hiding power for strong coloured topcoats.
Tinting strength and hiding power of the pure types are double those of lithopone types and recommended for coloring film and sheet when minimum pigment content and maximum opacity are needed.
The particle size of the white pigment is what helps the (opacity) hiding power of the ink.
Coverage of metamerism, hiding power, and colorant calibration has been expanded.
A shipment of paint from Costa Rica was detained for laboratory testing and it failed to meet requirements such as viscosity, hiding power, drying time and "scrubbability".
The pigment provides color and hiding power, and contributes to the paint's bulk.