hierarchical storage management

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hierarchical storage management

[¦hī·ər¦är·kə·kəl ′stȯr·ij ‚man·ij·mənt]
(computer science)
A method of managing large amounts of data in which files are assigned to various storage media based on how soon or how frequently they will be needed.
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(1) (Hierarchical Storage Management) The automatic movement of files from hard disk to slower, less-expensive storage media. The typical hierarchy is from magnetic disk to optical disc to tape, or from magnetic disk to tape. HSM software constantly monitors hard disk capacity and moves data from one storage level to the next based on age, category and other criteria as specified by the network or system administrator. HSM often includes a system for routine backup as well.

When a file is moved off the hard disk, it is replaced with a small stub file that indicates where the backup file is located.

Tier 0 Storage
Increasingly, solid state drives (SSDs) are used to hold data that are most frequently accessed and are a level higher than the hard disks. Consequently, data may migrate back and forth between the hard disk and SSD before being stored on optical and tape drives. See tape backup, active archiving, demigration and SSD.

Data Migration
This is the data migration path in an HSM system. The advantage of optical and magnetic tape media is that they can be taken off premises for protection against fire and accidents.

(2) (Hardware Security Module) A device that provides strong security for storing root keys for PKI, blockchain and other cryptographic functions. See PKI and cold wallet.

A Very Safe Place
Gemalto's SafeNet Luna HSM provides secure storage for root keys. This unit can be broken up into 100 cyrptographically isolated partitions, each acting as an independent HSM. (Image courtesy of Gemalto NV, www.gemalto.com)
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Hierarchical storage management is based on rules that the client supplies, which will be unique to the facility size and needs, regarding the type, aging or location of files.
Most vendors in this space either focus on data protection (back-up and hierarchical storage management), data availability (replication and high-end clustering) or volume management, according to Cooper.
The system is integrated with Tedial Hierarchical Storage Management and Media Asset Management, as well Pebble Beach automation.
SGI DMF will provide the hierarchical storage management system required to handle the organisation's large-scale and active archives and will allow transparent access to end users for critical climate research, SGI said.
While hierarchical storage management (HSM) systems share the ability to move data between storage devices or media, the optimisation of CSM systems for managing digital media has given these models added functionality in supporting efficient workflows.
2004 marked the 30th anniversary of hierarchical storage management (HSM).
According to IDC, companies worldwide spent 45% of their storage software cash on back-up software (covering back-up, recovery, archiving, and related hierarchical storage management) in the first quarter of 2003.
* If hierarchical storage management (HSM) software has been installed in the computing environment, the migration of data from primary to other media can or may occur automatically, without human intervention, as this functionality usually exists in this class of software.
Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) is a solution to data management.
The VSM is primarily designed to offload hierarchical storage management from mainframes and puts it on an Iceberg array equipped with in* house developed HSM software and StorageTek tape drives; eventually, the company will enhance the VSM to support Unix and NT servers as well.

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