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see hieroglyphichieroglyphic
[Gr.,=priestly carving], type of writing used in ancient Egypt. Similar pictographic styles of Crete, Asia Minor, and Central America and Mexico are also called hieroglyphics (see Minoan civilization; Anatolian languages; Maya; Aztec).
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Furthermore, in lieu of Christ's body, the domed baldachin frames the hieratically scaled angel "enthroned" upon the now-empty tomb, acknowledging his role as Christ's proxy and voice--in a sense His alter ego--in reiterating the promise of Jesus's resurrection.
Por ultimo, aparece tambien una <<violation of the normally sacrosant division between the hieratically more important miniature and the usually subordinate decorated border>> (p.
No longer so much a harlequinade exercise in the artist-as-vagabond, de Jong's luridly colored gens du voyage have either fallen foul of the system or taken a last stand, symbolized by the now basketless little girl standing on the barrel once hoisted on an older youth's shoulder, her arms thrown hieratically into the air.
Between the columns, in portals stripped of their Baroque, shelves loaded down with tobacco leaves rose hieratically upwards.
Behind the sleeve that falls from his hieratically raised left hand is a triad of faces, his own again and that of a male (on his left) and a woman (on his right).