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Aimed at the premium notebooks, the new OLED panel is claimed to offer high contrast ratio, colour accuracy, full HDR compatibility, a wide colour gamut, and "remarkable" outdoor visibility.
High-resolution, fast OLED screens and custom display optics provide images at high contrast, driven by an open Android architecture running on a high-performance Snapdragon processor.
LIVE SOON High Contrast - Gorilla - March 22 Welsh electronic music producer and DJ High Contrast has announced a UK tour for March 2018 where he will head out with a live band.
Mapping out a musical universe far beyond the drum and bass that made him famous, Lincoln, 38 - aka High Contrast - has a rich background to draw on.
Fitted with the High Contrast Red protective lenses, they're perfect for shooting on cloudy days.
The company said FIRST improves high contrast spatial resolution while reducing radiation dose up to 85.3%, as compared to filtered back projection and drastically cuts the time needed for model-based computed tomography (CT) image reconstruction.
Its durable top and bottom coats provide high contrast print surfaces for increased readability at higher temperatures.
The LUMIX GX85 lets users shoot vibrant, true-to-life high quality images with excellent resolution, high contrast and impressive color reproduction.
Little piggy toy Olly Oinker is said to be a favourite of her youngest boy, with his bright and colourful high contrast patterns great for helping babies to focus.
* A high contrast ratio and wide operating temperature range.
This year, Oliver Heldens and High Contrast topped the bill for the marathon fun-filled session which is inspired by the Indian tradition Holi - a celebration of people coming together and throwing various coloured powders and spices in the air to celebrate the new season of spring.

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