high gloss

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The degree of surface luster; ranges from a matte surface practically without sheen to an almost mirror-like glossy finish; intermediate conditions (in increasing order of glossiness) are: flat, eggshell, semigloss, and full gloss or high gloss.
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A series of leading national and regional commercially available high gloss (Comm.
There are several ways to create a high gloss surface with one of the more recent technology trends being hot coating on melamine-faced, wood-based panels.
Carvell et al developed a multilayer plastic for high gloss bottles including an inner polyolefin layer and a styrene copolymer or blend outer layer.
I like Moradillo high gloss laminate flooring, pounds 18.
Their proprietary Autoclave process, 100% genuine carbon fiber prepreg (not a printed vinyl), and superior epoxy resin consistently deliver high gloss panels with outstanding strength, durability and a longer lasting mirror-like finish.
Time savings of up to 50 % can be achieved thereby for transferring a brush finish into a high gloss polished surface.
KS-450 is formulated as a general purpose, high gloss UV coating for application over various digital inks such as HP Indigo, Canon, IGEN and Konica.
Architects and designers, in particular, are strong proponents of high gloss, influencing specification of commercial and residential projects and products.
Elegant side panels give you a choice of finished range from wood (ebony, rosewood, light oak) to high quality metals (aluminium silver, chrome) to coloured synthetics (high gloss black, high gloss ruby, orange and apple green), these inlays ensure your TV can match any colour scheme.
The three angle geometry (20 degree, 60 degree, 85 degree) allows the measurement of any gloss level from matte to high gloss surfaces.
RUGBY artist Ann Power uses high gloss household paint to dramatic effect in her pictures, on show at Leamington's Southtown gallery until June 19.