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More specifically, they present pyrograms and thermograms of 163 high polymers and pyrograms for 33 condensed polymers in the presence of organic alkaline.
The examinations included separate sections for Rubber Technology I (applied science) and II (factory practice), Rubber Science (chemistry and physics), Rubber Science (physics and engineering), Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Polymer Technology, Physical Chemistry of High Polymers, Organic Chemistry of High Polymers and finally "Use of English.
Research conducted in the 1950s--in high polymers, lubricants and greases--evolved to support post-war industrial research.
has led to the creation of products such as semiconductor high polymers for cell-phone display panels.
The possible sources of Tris-OH include synthetic (optically active) high polymers, agrochemicals, and dye production (32).
The thermal stabilities of the high polymers made by this route were analyzed by TGA.
Pyrograms and Thermograms of 163 High Polymers, and MS Data of the Major Pyrolyzates
Under specific conditions, the polymerization reaction for the formation of high polymers becomes reversible.
Following World War II, with the growth in understanding of high polymers and other materials, Dr.
The first information on sulfonation of high polymers such as polystyrene (PS) was published before World War II.
The method is applicable to nonreactive, immiscible, high-viscosity systems such as molten high polymers.

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