high resolution

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high resolution

(1) A large amount of information per square inch on a display screen or printed form. Measured in dots per inch (dpi), the more dpi, the higher the resolution and quality. Screens are in the 70-400 dpi range whereas printers are in the 300-1200 dpi range. Imagesetters typically print at 1270 or 2540 dpi. See dpi.

(2) A large amount of information on screen. This is technically "screen resolution." For example, a 2560x1600 screen shows more information than 1600x1200. See screen resolution.

(3) A large amount of information stored per second in a digital audio recording. Measured in samples per second as well as the size of each sample, the more of either one or both, the higher the quality. See sampling and high-resolution audio.
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Our solution overcomes carrier limitations of transferring high resolution media files over the network," said Faraz Hoodbhoy, CEO of PixSense.
MII) develops and manufactures nano-imprint lithography systems for high resolution and 3-dimensional pattern replication.
In addition to semiconductor applications, MII's high resolution and low cost S-FIL technology is gaining broader market acceptance by enabling advances in high performance hard disk drives (HDD) and light emitting diodes (LED), which further validates the capability and value of MII's Imprio products.
The high order profile is used to manufacture the iZon[TM] High Resolution Lens, giving the patient high definition vision.
The service enables content providers to easily publish, showcase and distribute high resolution, long-form content, including video and games in high definition or DVD quality over the Internet, at no cost.
In response to requests from our integration customers as well as the marketplace in which they operate, we've taken the initiative to provide the next generation of very high resolution projection displays.
OTC PK: LPTI), a medical technology specialist in high-frequency high resolution ultrasound imaging, today announced that its UK subsidiary, Longport International, is participating in a $2 million project to develop a high resolution phased array ultrasound imaging system.

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